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A Guide To Cat Hydration

My cat never seems to drink at all… I’ve had her for 3 years and I can count the number of times I’ve seen her drinking from her water bowl on one hand.

I know she does drink because she continues to be very much alive and well, yet over at Milu Mimi our dog, Milu, seems to drank gallons more than out cat Mimi; her desire to stay hydrated seem none existent!

How Much Water Do Cat’s Need To Drink?

There are scientific reasons for that cats do not need to drink as much as dogs, cat’s are very different genetically from their canine counterparts.

All modern domestic cats that we know and love so well today descended from a small group of felines from the arid, dry and sandy landscape of Mesopotamia.

Consequently your cat can last a long time without water thanks to its heritage. Ideally a cat should be getting around 50 millilitres of water per kilogram of body weight per day, this equates to around 350 milliliters of water per day which is fairly minimal compared with other mammals such as dogs.

How Much Water Is Too Much?

Unsurprisingly many cat owners therefore worry that their cats are dehydrated when they seem to drink so little but you shouldn’t worry because they are genetically predisposed to not need to drink so much.

What is far more concerning is when your cat is drinking a large amount of water as this can indicate that they are suffering from some sort of illness or disease which could be one of:

Chronic Kidney disease
● Diabetes
● Hyperthyroidism
● Urinary tract problems

It’s impossible to say exactly how much water is too much because water consumption will vary from cat to cat depending on their size, the weather and their activity levels however if you notice that your cat is drinking a considerable amount more water than they usually do and there is no obvious explanation for it like a heatwave then you should consult your vet as soon as possible. Recognising and treating a problem early on can significantly improve your cats prognosis.

Ensure Your Cat Is Not Dehydrated

While cats are good at surviving on relatively small amounts of water it is still important to ensure that they are getting enough.

Particularly in the hot summer months you should keep a sharp eye out for any warning signs which may indicate that your cat is dehydrated.
Signs of Dehydration

Signs to watch out for include:

● A dry mouth
● Dry and inelastic skin
● Constipation
● Excessive tiredness
● Sunk eyes

One of the most simple ways of checking if your cat is dehydrated is to pinch the skin on their neck and then let it go, in a well hydrated cat the skin would immediately spring back into place, if it doesn’t then your cat is definitely dehydrated.

Steps To Minimize The Risk Of Dehydration

If your cat is severely dehydrated you should of course take them to a vet ASAP. However a couple of simple steps you can take day to day to ensure that your cat does get sufficient water are:

● Give them wet food (this contains some water and will help hydrate them)
● Get a pet water fountain as cats prefer drinking fresh moving water.

How Worried Should I Be About My Cats Drinking Habits?

For most cats most of the time their hydration won’t be an issue, they’re great at self regulating and so long as fresh water is available they’ll be quite happy.

Just make sure you are aware of the dangers and signs of over and under hydration so that if it comes to it you can get your cat treated as soon as possible!

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