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This site is dedicated to the wonders of the domestic cat.

Here you’ll find guides on how to name your cat, fun facts about cats, and reviews of the things you need to take good care of your feline friend.

Who We Are

The site founder, Sean Miller, is a former professor of literature with a love of words and animals.

He got his first cat from a rescue mission when he was in eighth grade. At the time, Sean was obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons. He had a book from the game that described the gods of many ancient mythologies. The ancient Egyptian gods fascinated him the most. He named his new best friend, Tefnut, after the goddess of rain and flowing water.

More recently, Sean moved with his family to Portland, Oregon. When his daughter turned eight, she decided she really, really — I mean really — wanted a cat.

After several months of delicate negotiations, they paid a visit to the Oregon Humane Society. There they met Louie, a nine-month-old American Shorthair with a mysterious background. Louie was so outgoing and affectionate, they fell in love with him right away and took him home.

The name Louie felt so right for his personality they decided to keep it. Sean also likes to call him Louie Quatorze, after the famous French “Sun King.” Louie’s motto: Le chat, c’est moi.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Meow. Miaou. Miau. Miao. 喵 (Miāo). にゃん (Nyan). 야옹 (Yaong). مياو! (Miau). Μιάου (Miáou). Mjau. म्याऊं (Myaun). Мяу (Myau). מיאו (Miao). เหมียว (Meeow). Ngiyavuma. ᎩᎯ (Gihiya).

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