Editorial Policy

Purpose and Scope

“Cats Around The Globe” is a website dedicated to providing comprehensive, engaging, and factual content about cats. This editorial policy outlines our commitment to accuracy, integrity, and respect in our content creation process.

Content Standards

  1. Accuracy and Fact-Checking: All articles and content are fact-checked for accuracy. Misinformation about cat health, behavior, or any related topic is strictly prohibited.
  2. Relevance: Content must be relevant to cat enthusiasts globally, including topics like cat health, behavior, breeds, and cultural significance of cats in different regions.
  3. Originality: All content is original and free from plagiarism. Proper citations and credits for any referenced work are required.
  4. Language and Readability: Content is written in clear, concise language suitable for a general audience. Technical jargon is explained.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion: Our content reflects the diverse nature of cat owners and enthusiasts, avoiding stereotypes or biases.

Ethical Guidelines

  1. Animal Welfare: Content promotes the welfare and ethical treatment of cats. We do not endorse or support cruelty or negligence.
  2. Advertising and Sponsorship: While advertising helps fund our operations, it does not influence our editorial content. Advertisements are clearly distinguishable from editorial content.
  3. Reader Feedback: We monitor reader comments for spam and inappropriate content. We welcome constructive feedback for improving content quality.
  4. Privacy and Confidentiality: We protect the personal information of readers or contributors. The website will not share this information without consent.

Revision and Updates

This editorial policy is subject to regular review and updates to ensure it aligns with evolving standards and practices in online publishing.


All contributors, editors, and staff members are required to adhere to this policy. Violations may result in content removal, disciplinary action, or termination of association.

This policy ensures “Cats Around The Globe” remains a trusted and reliable source of information for cat lovers worldwide, maintaining high standards of journalism in the field of pet and animal welfare.