101 African Cat Names

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ideal african inspired feline names

Discover the rich tapestry of Africa with a unique collection of 101 cat names inspired by the continent’s diverse languages, cultures, and landmarks. From the Swahili word “Abasi,” meaning stern, to “Zuberi,” which signifies strength, this list traverses the expansive African landscape to bring you names imbued with profound meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of “Adamma,” meaning a beautiful girl in Igbo, or the resilience depicted by “Kamau,” a quiet warrior in Kikuyu, each name offers a glimpse into the vibrant traditions and natural beauty of Africa.

Celebrate the continent’s majestic wildlife, significant cultural figures, and the everyday words that capture the spirit of its people. Choosing a name from this collection for your cat not only honors Africa’s immense influence but also gives your pet a name with a story as captivating as the continent itself.

AbasiSwahili for “stern”
AdafoWarrior (Akan)
AdammaBeautiful girl (Igbo)
AfolabiBorn into wealth (Yoruba)
AkiliWisdom (Swahili)
AmaraGrace (Igbo)
AnansiSpider, trickster god in Akan folklore
AsaniRebellious (Swahili)
AshaLife (Swahili)
AzizaPrecious (Swahili)
BahariOcean (Swahili)
BakariPromise (Swahili)
BintiDaughter (Swahili)
CairoCapital of Egypt, meaning “victorious”
ChikePower of God (Igbo)
DaliaGentle; branch (Swahili)
DakaraiHappiness (Shona)
EfiaBorn on Friday (Akan)
EnziPowerful (Swahili)
FemiLove me (Yoruba)
FurahaHappiness (Swahili)
GamalBeauty (Arabic, common in North Africa)
GhanaNamed after the country in West Africa
HabibiMy love (Arabic, used in North Africa)
HalimaGentle, patient (Swahili)
IdrisKingly (Arabic, used in North Africa)
ImaraStrong (Swahili)
IsiHead (Igbo)
JabariBrave (Swahili)
JahariYoung strong and powerful (Swahili)
KaliFierce (Swahili)
KamauQuiet warrior (Kikuyu)
KanziTreasure (Swahili)
KaramaDignity (Swahili)
KehindeSecond of twins (Yoruba)
KenyaCountry in East Africa
KesiBorn when father was in trouble (Swahili)
KibweBlessed (Swahili)
KifaruRhino (Swahili)
KilimanjaroHighest mountain in Africa
KimoniGreat man (Kikuyu)
KinfeFor a king (Amharic)
KioniShe who sees the future (Swahili)
KipenziBeloved (Swahili)
KitoPrecious gem (Swahili)
KofiBorn on Friday (Akan)
LekiBorn after my father (Yoruba)
LeratoLove (Sotho)
LeylaBorn at night (Swahili)
LuluPearl (Swahili)
MaasaiTribe in Kenya and Tanzania
MakenaThe happy one (Kikuyu)
MandelaSouth African leader Nelson Mandela
MarjaniCoral (Swahili)
MawuliThere is God (Ewe)
MaziwaMilk (Swahili)
MirembePeace (Luganda)
MosiFirst born (Swahili)
MoyoHeart (Swahili)
NalaGift (Swahili)
NiaPurpose (Swahili)
NileRiver in Africa
NuruLight (Swahili)
NyahPurpose (Swahili)
ObiHeart (Igbo)
OkapiAn African animal
OlufemiGod loves me (Yoruba)
OmariHigh born (Swahili)
OniBorn on holy ground (Yoruba)
PanyaMouse (Swahili)
RafikiFriend (Swahili)
SaharaDesert in Africa
SanaaArt (Swahili)
SenegalCountry in West Africa
SerengetiNational park in Tanzania
ShakaZulu king
ShaniMarvelous (Swahili)
SimbaLion (Swahili)
SitiLady (Swahili)
SudiLucky (Swahili)
TafariHe who inspires awe (Amharic)
TajiriRich (Swahili)
TamuSweet (Swahili)
TarajiHope (Swahili)
ThembaTrust, hope (Zulu)
TisaNine (Swahili)
UzimaFull of life (Swahili)
ZalikaWell born (Swahili)
ZaneWell-born, noble (Arabic, used in North Africa)
ZaraFlower (Arabic, common in North Africa)
ZawadiGift (Swahili)
ZinziBubbly and full of life (Zulu)
ZolaQuiet, tranquil (Zulu)
ZuberiStrong (Swahili)

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