Ancient Egyptian Cat Names

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If you’re looking for cat names with historical and cultural significance, ancient Egyptian cat names are a popular choice for feline companions.

Exploring the cultural significance of cat names in ancient Egyptian society reveals their deep connection to the reverence for cats.

These names are often associated with the symbolism behind popular Egyptian cat names like Hamed and Annelise.

Hamed, for instance, has its roots in the Arabic language, meaning ‘praised’ or ‘praiseworthy,’ signifying the high regard ancient Egyptians had for these animals.

Annelise has its origins in the name ‘Anubis,’ the ancient Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife, symbolizing protection and guidance.

101 Ancient Egyptian Cat Names

Here’s a list of 101 ancient Egyptian cat names along with their meanings, arranged alphabetically.

The list provides a variety of names inspired by the rich mythology, geography, and culture of ancient Egypt, perfect for your feline companion.

AmentiGoddess of the Land of the West
AmmonThe Hidden One
AnubisGod of the Dead
ApisSacred Bull
AtenSun Disk
BastCat Goddess
BesProtector of Households
DenderaAfter the Dendera Temple
DjoserHoly Force
EdfuAfter the Edfu Temple
GebGod of Earth
HapiNile God
HathorGoddess of Love
HorusGod of the Sky
ImhotepThe One Who Comes in Peace
IsisGoddess of Magic
KafeleWould Be Useful
KekGod of Darkness
KhafraAppears like Ra
KhufuName of a Pharaoh
MaatGoddess of Truth
MafdetJustice Goddess
MenesFounder of Memphis
MeskhenetGoddess of Childbirth
MihosSon of Bast
MontuWar God
MutMother Goddess
NabiryeMother of Men
NaunetGoddess of the Deep
NefertariBeautiful Companion
NefertitiThe Beautiful One Has Come
NeithDivine Mother
NekhbetVulture Goddess
NekhenName of a City
NephthysLady of the House
NutSky Goddess
OsirisGod of the Afterlife
PakhetShe Who Scratches
PaserThe Cat
PtolemyName of a Pharaoh
PtahCreator God
QadeshHoly One
RaSun God
RamsesSon of Ra
ReshefWar and Thunder God
SahureHe Who is Close to Ra
SakhmetPowerful One
SetGod of Chaos
SetiOf Set
ShuAir God
SobekCrocodile God
TawaretGoddess of Fertility
TehutiAnother Name for Thoth
ThothGod of Wisdom
TutImage of the God
UnasName of a Pharaoh
UsimareMighty Power, Appearing in Thebes
WadjetGreen One
WenenutTime Goddess
WennoferBeautiful Being
WosretGoddess of Thebes
ZalikiWell Born
ZephyrWest Wind
ZoserAnother Form of Djoser

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