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anime inspired cat naming ideas

Whether you’re a seasoned anime fan or just beginning to explore this vibrant world, you may not realize the wealth of captivating cat names waiting to be discovered.

Here’s a list of 100 anime-inspired cat names along with their meanings. The names are arranged alphabetically for easy reference.

The list incorporates a mix of names directly taken from anime characters and common Japanese names or terms that are often heard in anime, providing a wide range of options for naming a cat with an anime-inspired name.

AkamaruRed circle (from “Naruto”)
AkaneDeep red (from “Ranma ½”)
AkiAutumn (common Japanese name)
AmaterasuShinto sun goddess (from “Naruto”)
AsukaTomorrow (from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”)
AtomuAtom (from “Astro Boy”)
AyaColorful (common Japanese name)
AyumuWalk dream (common Japanese name)
AzukiSweet red beans (common Japanese name)
BanBarbarian (from “GetBackers”)
BanzaiHooray (Japanese expression)
BaraRose (common Japanese term)
BebopFrom “Cowboy Bebop”
BotanPeony (from “Yu Yu Hakusho”)
ChibiSmall (common Japanese term)
ChihiroThousand questions (from “Spirited Away”)
ChikaNear (common Japanese name)
ChopperFrom “One Piece”
DaisukeGreat help (common Japanese name)
EijiEternity order (from “Bakuman”)
FayeFrom “Cowboy Bebop”
FūmaWind demon (from “X/1999”)
GenkiEnergetic (common Japanese term)
GhibliFrom “Studio Ghibli”
GokuAware of emptiness (from “Dragon Ball”)
GomaSesame (common Japanese term)
HakuWhite (from “Spirited Away”)
HaruSpring (common Japanese name)
HayateSwift wind (from “Hayate the Combat Butler”)
HikariLight (common Japanese name)
HinaSun vegetables (from “Love Hina”)
IchigoStrawberry (from “Bleach”)
InariShinto rice god (common Japanese term)
InuyashaDog demon (from “Inuyasha”)
IzumiSpring, fountain (common Japanese name)
JijiElderly man (from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”)
JiroSecond son (common Japanese name)
JubeiFrom “Ninja Scroll”
KabukiTraditional Japanese theater
KaedeMaple (common Japanese name)
KagomeBirdcage (from “Inuyasha”)
KaitoPhantom thief (common Japanese term)
KakashiScarecrow (from “Naruto”)
KatsuVictory (common Japanese term)
KazukiPeaceful tree (from “GetBackers”)
KeikoBlessing child (common Japanese name)
KenHealthy, strong (common Japanese name)
KikiFrom “Kiki’s Delivery Service”
KikuChrysanthemum (common Japanese name)
KiraKiller (from “Death Note”)
KiraraSparkling (from “Inuyasha”)
KiyomiPure beauty (common Japanese name)
KojiroLittle second son (common Japanese name)
KonNavy blue (from “Bleach”)
KotetsuSmall iron (from “Tiger & Bunny”)
KuramaFrom “Yu Yu Hakusho”
KyoCooperation (from “Fruits Basket”)
LuffyFrom “One Piece”
MakoSincerity (common Japanese name)
ManekiBeckoning cat in Japanese culture
MaruCircle (common Japanese term)
MeiSprout (from “My Neighbor Totoro”)
MikoShrine maiden (common Japanese term)
MisaBeautiful sand (from “Death Note”)
MisakiBeautiful blossom (common Japanese name)
MitsukiBeautiful moon (common Japanese name)
MiyuBeautiful gentle (common Japanese name)
MomoPeach (common Japanese name)
MoriForest (common Japanese name)
NanaSeven (from “Nana”)
NarutoFrom “Naruto”
NatsuSummer (common Japanese name)
NobuFaith (common Japanese name)
NoriSeaweed (common Japanese term)
OnyxBlack gemstone (common English term)
OrochiMythical serpent (from “Naruto”)
OsamuDiscipline, study (from “Tezuka”)
ReiZero (from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”)
RikuLand (from “Kingdom Hearts”)
RinDignified (common Japanese name)
RyoCool, refreshing (common Japanese name)
RyukFrom “Death Note”
SakiBlossom hope (common Japanese name)
SakuraCherry blossom (common Japanese term)
SangoCoral (from “Inuyasha”)
SasukeNinja (from “Naruto”)
SatsukiMay (from “My Neighbor Totoro”)
SenHermit (from “Spirited Away”)
ShikaDeer (common Japanese name)
ShinjiTrue ruler (from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”)
ShiroWhite (common Japanese name)
SoraSky (common Japanese name)
SpikeFrom “Cowboy Bebop”
TamaBall, sphere (common Japanese name)
TaroBig son (common Japanese name)
TatsuDragon (common Japanese term)
TetsuyaIron night (from “Kuroko’s Basketball”)
TotoroFrom “My Neighbor Totoro”
UsagiRabbit (from “Sailor Moon”)
YokoOcean child (common Japanese name)
YoruNight (common Japanese term)
YukiSnow (common Japanese name)
YukikoSnow child (common Japanese name)
YumaEvening calm (common Japanese name)
YuriLily (common Japanese name)
YuukiGentle hope (from “Sword Art Online”)
ZenGood (from “Mystic Messenger”)

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