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Choosing the perfect name for your cat is an important decision. It’s not just a label, but a reflection of your cat’s personality and character.

If you’re looking for a name that embodies strength, courage, and a dash of daring, then our list of 101 badass cat names is perfect for you. From ancient gods and mythological warriors to modern symbols of power and resilience, each name on this list carries a unique meaning and a bold spirit.

Whether your feline friend is as brave as a lion, as swift as a panther, or as mysterious as the night, you’re sure to find a name that resonates with their badass qualities. Get ready to explore names that are not just mere tags, but badges of honor for your fearless feline companion.

Here’s a list of 101 badass cat names, along with their meanings, arranged alphabetically:

AjaxMighty warrior
AlphaFirst in importance
ApolloGreek god of music
AresGreek god of war
ArtemisGreek goddess of the hunt
AshRemains of fire
AtlasHolds up the heavens
AvalancheSudden arrival of snow
BazookaType of rocket launcher
BeastFierce animal
BladeSharp cutting instrument
BlazeA large, strong fire
BlitzFast attack
BoltThunderbolt, fast
BonesSkeleton structure
BossPerson in charge
BruiserStrong, tough person
BrutusNotable Roman figure
BulletSmall metal projectile
CaesarRoman ruler
CaponeFamous gangster
ChaosComplete disorder
CobraVenomous snake
ColtYoung horse, firearm brand
ConanHeroic character
CrashCollide violently
CrusherOne who crushes
DaggerShort stabbing weapon
DangerPossibility of harm
DiabloDevil in Spanish
DieselType of fuel, strength
DozerBulldozer, powerful
DragonMythical fire-breathing creature
DukeNoble rank
EchoSound reflection
FangLong, sharp tooth
FlashSudden light or speed
FuryWild or violent anger
GagePledge of battle
GoliathBiblical giant
GrizzlyLarge, fierce bear
GunnerPerson who operates a gun
HawkBird of prey
HerculesHero of superhuman strength
HunterOne who hunts
InfernoLarge fire
IronStrong metal
JaggerCutting, like a jagged edge
JaxSon of Jack
JettBlack mineral, fast
JinxBringer of bad luck
JudgeOne who makes decisions
JusticeFairness, moral rightness
KhanTitle for rulers in Mongol Empire
KingMale ruler
KnightWarrior of the Middle Ages
KodiakLarge brown bear
KryptonSuperman’s weakness
LegendFamous story
LeoLion, zodiac sign
LightningFlash of bright light
LokiNorse god of mischief
MackSon of, also a truck brand
MagnumLarge, powerful
MaverickIndependent person
MidnightMiddle of the night
MooseLarge animal
NeoNew, recent
NeroRoman emperor
NinjaCovert agent in feudal Japan
OdinChief Norse god
OnyxBlack gemstone
PantherLarge wild cat
PhantomGhost, illusion
PirateOne who robs at sea
PrometheusTitan who defied Zeus
RaiderOne who raids
RamboTough, fearless character
RaptorBird of prey, dinosaur
RebelOne who opposes authority
RexKing in Latin
RhinoShort for rhinoceros
RogueUnpredictable, dishonest
SamsonBiblical figure of strength
SavageFierce, ferocious
ScorpioZodiac sign, scorpion
ShadowDark area, secretive
SiriusBrightest star in the sky
SlayerOne who kills
SledgeHeavy hammer
SpikeLong, thick pointed rod
SteelHard, strong metal
StormViolent weather
TankArmored fighting vehicle
ThorNorse god of thunder
TitanPerson of great size or power
TrapperOne who traps
TriggerActivate a mechanism
TurboHigh-speed, energetic
TysonHigh-spirited, fiery
VaderDark character in Star Wars
ViperPoisonous snake
VulcanRoman god of fire
WolfWild carnivorous mammal
ZaneGod is gracious
ZeusKing of the Greek gods

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