101 Big Cat Names

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creative names for powerful felines

Embark on a journey with this list of 101 big cat names, each brimming with grandeur. These names are curated to capture the essence of your larger-than-life feline friend, drawing inspiration from various realms such as mythology, nature, history, and different languages.

From “Atlas,” symbolizing endurance and strength in Greek mythology, to “Zane,” representing divine graciousness, each name in this collection is imbued with a sense of power and regal presence. Whether your cat embodies the fierce spirit of a “Samson,” the fiery energy of an “Aiden,” or the mystical allure of an “Aurora,” there’s a name here that reflects their commanding personality and striking appearance.

Perfect for breeds like Maine Coons, Savannahs, or any cat with a big stature or personality, these names not only highlight their impressive traits but also enrich their identity with stories and meanings from across the globe. Ideal for cat owners who appreciate the blend of majesty and mystique, this list promises to offer a name that resonates with the awe-inspiring nature of your beloved pet.

Adira“Strong” in Hebrew
Akira“Bright” in Japanese
Alaric“Ruler of all” in Germanic
Amar“Eternal” in Sanskrit
Anala“Fiery” in Sanskrit
ApolloGreek God of sun
AresGreek God of war
Ari“Lion” in Hebrew
Asad“Lion” in Arabic
Asha“Hope” in Sanskrit
AtlasGreek Titan of endurance
AuroraRoman Goddess of dawn
AzlanVariation of “Aslan”, lion in Turkish
BalooBear character in “The Jungle Book”
Bane“Glorious defender”
BardCeltic for “minstrel, poet”
Basa“King” in Indonesian
BastEgyptian Goddess of cats
Bera“Bear” in several languages
BlazeRepresents fire
BoltLightning bolt, symbol of speed
Boris“Wolf, short” in Russian
Brio“Vivacity, zest” in Italian
BrutusRoman name, connotes strength
CaesarRoman ruler
CalypsoGreek nymph
CaspianCaspian Sea, large, powerful
Chandra“Moon” in Sanskrit
Czar“Emperor” in Russian
Dante“Enduring” in Latin
Darius“Wealthy” in Persian
Diablo“Devil” in Spanish
Draco“Dragon” in Latin
EchoSound reflection
Einar“Warrior” in Norse
Elric“Wise ruler” in Old English
EmberRemnant of a fire
Enzo“Home ruler” in Italian
ErosGreek God of love
FangSharp tooth
Felix“Lucky” in Latin
FenrirMythical Norse wolf
Fergus“Man of force” in Gaelic
Fidel“Faithful” in Latin
Finn“Fair” in Irish
FlintStone that sparks fire
FreyaNorse Goddess of love
GaiusAncient Roman name
Galen“Calm” in Greek
Garth“Garden” in Old Norse
GhostEthereal, mysterious
GriffinMythical beast, lion and eagle
Gunnar“Warrior” in Norse
HadesGreek God of the underworld
Hakim“Wise” in Arabic
Hector“Holding fast” in Greek
HeliosGreek God of the sun
HerculesRoman hero, strength
HermesGreek messenger God
HorusEgyptian God, falcon-headed
HunterOne who hunts
Ignis“Fire” in Latin
IndraHindu God of rain and thunderstorms
Ivar“Bow warrior” in Norse
Jagger“Hunter” in Old English
Jai“Victory” in Sanskrit
JaxModern, energetic name
Jett“Black mineral”
Kahn“Ruler” or “leader”
KaliHindu Goddess
Kane“Warrior” in Gaelic
Keanu“Cool breeze” in Hawaiian
Kenzo“Strong and healthy” in Japanese
KhanTitle for ruler in Mongol
Koda“Friend” in Native American
KodiakA type of bear
KratosGreek deity symbolizing strength
Kyro“Lord” in Greek
LancelotKnight of the Round Table
Leo“Lion” in Latin
Leon“Lion” in Greek
LokiNorse God, trickster
Luca“Bringer of light” in Latin
Lux“Light” in Latin
Magnus“Great” in Latin
MarsRoman God of war
Maximus“Greatest” in Latin
NeroRoman Emperor
OdinChief Norse God
OrionHunter in Greek mythology
OsirisEgyptian God of the afterlife
PhoenixMythical bird reborn from ashes
PumaType of large cat
RaidenJapanese God of thunder
Raja“King” in Sanskrit
Rex“King” in Latin
Rocco“Rest” in Germanic
RomulusFounder of Rome
SamsonBiblical figure, immense strength
ScorpioZodiac sign, scorpion
Soren“Stern” in Danish
ThorNorse God of thunder
TitanGreek giants, symbol of strength
UlyssesHero of Greek mythology
VulcanRoman God of fire
WolfWild animal, symbol of freedom
Xander“Defender of man” in Greek
Zane“God is gracious” in Hebrew
ZeusChief Greek God

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