101 Blue-Eyed Cat Names

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captivating names for blue eyed cats

Choosing the perfect name for your blue-eyed feline companion is a special and sometimes challenging task. In this article, we present a curated list of 101 names ideal for blue-eyed cats.

Each name, arranged alphabetically, comes with its unique meaning, reflecting the distinctive charm of your pet.

From traditional to trendy, our list encompasses a wide range of names inspired by colors, nature, cultures, and more.

Whether you are looking for something elegant and classic, or quirky and fun, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your furry friend’s personality and striking blue eyes.

Let’s explore these wonderful options and find a name as special as your feline friend.

AokiBlue tree in Japanese
AzureSky blue
BijouJewel in French
BlauBlue in German
BleuBlue in French
BluebellA blue flower
BlueberryA blue fruit
BreezyLight, airy, and effortless
CeruleanDeep sky blue
ChandraMoon in Sanskrit
CirrusA type of cloud
CobaltA deep blue mineral
CrystalClear, bright, like crystal
CyanGreenish-blue color
DaryaSea in Persian
DenimThe blue fabric
DoliBluebird in Native American
DoryThe blue fish from “Finding Nemo”
ElectraShining, bright
ElsieGod of plenty
EmberSpark, burning low
FjordNorwegian for a deep, blue sea inlet
FrostCold, icy
GaganSky in Sanskrit
GlaucusSea-green or gray
HintoBlue in Dakota Sioux
IndigoDeep blue color
IrisRainbow, colorful
IsoldeIce ruler
IvyA vine plant
JadePrecious green stone
JodhpurBlue city in India
KailaniSea and sky in Hawaiian
KikoBe glad in Japanese
LapisAfter the lapis lazuli stone
LarimarBlue stone in the Caribbean
LazuliBlue stone, lapis lazuli
LeelaPlay, amusement in Sanskrit
LeviJoined, attached
LilaNight in Arabic
LiviaBlue, envious
LynxA wild cat
MakoBlue in Malagasy
MarinaOf the sea
MarisOf the sea
MayaWater in Hebrew
MazarineRich blue color
MeenaBlue stone, sapphire in Sanskrit
MikuBeautiful sky in Japanese
MistyClouded, unclear
MoonThe Earth’s satellite
NeelaBlue in Sanskrit
NeptuneGod of the sea, associated with blue
NilaBlue in Bengali
NileAfter the blue Nile River
OceanThe vast sea, blue
OceanaOcean in Greek
OpalA gemstone with a play of color
PeriwinkleA blue-purple flower
PhoebeBright, pure
RiverA flowing body of water
RobinA bird with a blue hue
SapphireA blue gemstone
SkyThe blue expanse overhead
SolsticeWhen the sun stands still
SoraSky in Japanese
StarCelestial body
StormA turbulent weather pattern
SummerThe warmest season
SunnyBright and cheerful
TealA blue-green color
ThalassaSea in Greek
TopazA yellow gemstone, sometimes blue-hued
TurquoiseA blue-green mineral
TwilightThe time before sunrise and after sunset
UmaNation in Sanskrit
UmiSea in Japanese
VegaFalling star in Arabic
VesperEvening star
WillowA slender, graceful tree
WrenA small, brown songbird
XantheGolden, yellow
YaraSmall butterfly in Brazilian
YukiSnow in Japanese
ZaffreDeep blue pigment
ZaraPrincess, to blossom
ZephyrGentle breeze
ZeruSky in Basque
ZirconA gemstone, often blue

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