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Embark on a journey through the charming streets, rolling hills, and historical landmarks of Britain with our list of 101 British cat names. This compilation offers a diverse range of names that encapsulate the essence of British culture, from the regal to the quaint.

Whether your cat possesses the stoic dignity of “Winston,” reminiscent of the famed British leader, the playful whimsy of “Bean,” inspired by the beloved character Mr. Bean, or the natural elegance of “Holly,” echoing the traditional British flora, there’s a name here to suit every type of feline companion.

These names are not just mere labels. They’re a nod to the rich tapestry of British history, literature, and landscapes. From “Arthur” and “Guinevere,” drawing from the legendary tales of Camelot, to “Alfie” and “Elsie,” capturing the warm familiarity of classic British names, this list offers a perfect blend of sophistication, charm, and character.

Ideal for cat owners seeking a name that reflects their love for British culture or the unique personality of their cat, these names provide a touch of British flair and a meaningful connection to the storied isles of Britain.

AlfieA popular British name, friendly and approachable.
AngusScottish origin, representing strength.
ArchieMeaning truly brave, a classic British name.
ArthurA regal name, associated with King Arthur.
AshInspired by the ash tree, symbolizing protection.
BaileySteward or public official, a dignified name.
BasilRoyal, kingly; also a nod to the famous Basil Fawlty.
BaxterBaker, a common British occupation name.
BeanQuirky and fun, like the character Mr. Bean.
BeatriceOne who brings happiness; a royal name.
BellaBeautiful, a common name in the UK.
BiscuitA nod to a popular British snack.
BlueInspired by the British Blue cat breed.
BobbyA nickname for Robert; also a term for a policeman in Britain.
BonnieScottish for pretty, attractive.
BrambleReflecting Britain’s countryside and nature.
BronteA tribute to the Bronte sisters, famous British authors.
BruceScottish origin, symbolizing strength.
BrunoBrown, often used for brown-colored cats.
BubblesLight-hearted and fun, a playful name.
ButtonCute and small, like a button.
CadburyAfter the famous British chocolate brand.
CallumScottish name meaning dove, symbolizing peace.
CamillaNoble, free-born; a royal name.
CedricA name with old British roots, meaning bounty.
CharlieFree man; a common British name.
ChesterAn old British city, historical significance.
ChloeBlooming, fertility; a popular name in Britain.
ChurchillAfter the famous British leader, Winston Churchill.
ClaraClear, bright, famous; a classic name.
ClementineMerciful, gentle; a sweet, traditional name.
CloverA charm for good luck, associated with nature.
ColinA common British name, meaning young creature.
CooperBarrel maker; an occupation name.
DaisyA common, cheerful British flower.
DexterRight-handed, skillful; a modern British name.
DollyA cute, endearing name.
DuncanScottish origin, meaning dark warrior.
EdmundProsperity and riches; a traditional British name.
EdwardWealthy guardian; a royal name.
EleanorLight, a classic and royal British name.
ElizaPledged to God; a timeless British name.
EllieLight, a popular British name.
ElsieNoble, kind; a traditional British name.
EmmaWhole, universal; a common British name.
EwanYouthful, a Scottish name.
FelixHappy, lucky; a fitting name for a cat.
FergusMan of vigor, Scottish origin.
FinnFair, a name of Irish origin popular in Britain.
FloraFlower, a nature-inspired name.
FreddiePeace ruler, a common British name.
GeorgeFarmer, a royal and common British name.
GertrudeSpear of strength; a traditional British name.
GingerA popular name for orange cats, inspired by the spice.
GraceCharm, goodness, and generosity.
GrahamGravel homestead, a British-origin name.
HamishScottish version of James, meaning supplanter.
HarryHome ruler, a popular British name.
HazelInspired by the hazelnut tree, symbolizing wisdom.
HectorSteadfast, a name with British roots.
HenryEstate ruler; a royal British name.
HollyAfter the Holly tree, a traditional British symbol.
HugoMind, intellect; a name gaining popularity in Britain.
IrisRainbow, a name inspired by nature.
IvyFaithfulness, a common British plant.
JackGod is gracious; a very popular British name.
JaggerCarter, a unique British name.
JasperTreasurer, a name with old-world charm.
JemimaDove, a traditional and sweet name.
JessieWealthy, a common name in Britain.
JinxA playful name suggesting mischief.
KikiA fun, quirky name.
LancelotLand, a name with medieval British roots.
LeoLion, a strong and regal name.
LilyPurity, innocence; inspired by the flower.
LolaSorrows, a name with a dramatic flair.
LottieFree man, a diminutive of Charlotte.
LouisFamous warrior; a name with royal connotations.
LucyLight, a popular name in Britain.
LunaMoon, a mystical and popular name.
MaggiePearl, a classic British name.
MarblesA playful name, reminiscent of the game.
MatildaBattle-mighty, a traditional British name.
MaxGreatest, a common name in Britain.
MerlinSea fortress; inspired by the legendary wizard.
MillieGentle strength, a popular British name.
MimiWished-for child, a sweet and simple name.
MistletoeA plant associated with Christmas, symbolic of peace.
MollyStar of the sea, a traditional British name.
MontyShort for Montgomery, a classic British name.
MuffinA cute, endearing name.
NellieBright, shining one; a charming British name.
NigelDark cloud, a name of British origin.
NoraHonor, a timeless British name.
OliverOlive tree, a name signifying peace.
OllieOlive tree, a diminutive of Oliver.
OscarDivine spear, a popular British name.
PennyWeaver, a common British name.
PercyPierce valley, a traditional British name.
PhoebeBright, shining; a name with classical roots.
PiperPipe player, a unique and musical name.
PoppyAfter the poppy flower, symbolizing remembrance.
RalphWolf counsel, a name with English origins.
RosieRose, a common and beloved British name.
RubyPrecious stone, symbolizing value and beauty.
RufusRed-haired, a unique and fitting name for some cats.
SadiePrincess, a popular name in Britain.
SamGod has heard; a short and popular British name.
ScarletRed, a vibrant and bold name.
SophieWisdom, a popular name in Britain.
StanleyStone clearing, a name with British heritage.
StellaStar, symbolizing brightness and guidance.
TillyBattle-mighty, a diminutive of Matilda.
TobyGod is good; a popular British name.
VioletFlower name, symbolizing faithfulness.
WinstonJoy stone; a name with a noble ring, recalling Winston Churchill.
ZoeLife, a name signifying vitality and energy.

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