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Choosing the perfect name for your Burmese cat can be as delightful as getting to know your new feline friend. These cats, known for their affectionate nature, silky coats, and expressive eyes, deserve names that reflect their unique personality and heritage.

From Aiko, meaning “beloved; love child,” to Zen, symbolizing a balanced demeanor, each name in our list carries a special significance. Whether inspired by gemstones like Amber, embodying the golden glow of their eyes, or drawn from nature and culture like Bamboo and Bagan, these names aim to capture the essence of what makes your Burmese cat so special.

As you peruse our curated list, consider not just the sound of each name, but the meaning behind it, ensuring your choice resonates with the remarkable character and beauty of your Burmese cat.

AikoMeans “beloved; love child,” perfect for a cherished pet.
AlphaFor the leader of the pack, a dominant cat.
AmberInspired by the gemstone, reflecting their golden eyes.
AnandaA Burmese term for “extreme happiness,” fitting their cheerful nature.
AuraFor a cat with a majestic presence.
BaganAfter the ancient city in Myanmar, symbolizing their regal nature.
BambooFor a cat that is both strong and flexible.
BasilAfter the herb, symbolizing freshness and good health.
BetaFor a cat that is second in command, yet vital.
BindiRepresents a point of energy and attention.
BlissFor a cat that brings great joy.
BurmaThe breed’s origin, highlighting their heritage.
CharmFor a cat with a captivating personality.
ChiFor a cat with a lively and energetic spirit.
ChocoA sweet name for a cat with a chocolate-colored coat.
CinnamonFor a cat with a warm and spicy personality.
CipherFor a mysterious or enigmatic cat.
CocoSuitable for a cat with a rich, dark coat.
CrystalFor a cat with clear, bright eyes.
DaraMeans “star” in Burmese, perfect for a charismatic cat.
DawnFor a cat with a light, inspiring presence.
DeltaFor a cat that signifies change or difference.
DexterFor a cat that is skillful and right-handed.
EchoFor a cat with a memorable and resonant voice.
EchoFor a cat with a resonant, memorable voice.
EmeraldInspired by the gemstone, reflecting their precious nature.
EpsilonFor a cat that is unique in a series or family.
FableFor a cat with a mysterious or storied background.
FelixA classic name meaning “happy” or “fortunate.”
GammaFor a cat that shines brightly in your life.
GemFor a cat considered as precious as a gemstone.
GobiAfter the desert, for a cat with a warm and enduring spirit.
HakuMeans “white” in Japanese, suitable for a cat with a light coat.
HaloFor a cat with a divine aura.
IndigoFor a cat with a mysterious, deep personality.
IrisAfter the flower, symbolizing hope and wisdom.
JadeReflecting the beauty and grace of the Asian gemstone.
JinxFor a cat with a playful, mischievous streak.
KaliMeans “energy” or “force,” for a spirited cat.
KappaFor a cat with a distinctive personality.
KarmaFor a cat that brings good fortune.
KismetMeans “fate” or “destiny,” for a cat that was meant to be yours.
LambdaFor a cat that stands out in a crowd.
LeviMeans “joined in harmony,” for a cat that brings people together.
LotusSymbolizing purity and beauty, perfect for a graceful cat.
LunaMeans “moon,” for a cat with a luminous personality.
MagmaFor a cat with a fiery spirit.
MochiAfter the sweet rice cake, for a sweet and soft cat.
MuFor a cat that is deeply cherished.
NalaA name with royal connotations, fitting for a Burmese cat.
NimbusFor a cat with a majestic and imposing presence.
NovaMeans “new,” for a cat that brings a new light into your life.
NuFor a new addition, symbolizing a fresh start.
OmegaFor the last cat in a series, signifying completeness.
OmicronFor a cat with a vast and encompassing presence.
OpalInspired by the gemstone, for a cat with a sparkling personality.
OrionAfter the constellation, for a cat with a celestial presence.
PearlFor a cat with a sleek, lustrous coat.
PhiFor a cat that represents harmony and balance.
PhoenixFor a cat with a fiery spirit and a symbol of rebirth.
PiFor a cat that is infinitely interesting.
PsiFor a cat with a psychic or intuitive connection with you.
QuantumFor a cat that’s small but impactful.
QuillFor a cat with a pointed and sharp personality.
RajaMeans “king,” suitable for a regal cat.
RebelFor a cat with a strong, independent streak.
RhoFor a cat that is as strong as a spear.
SableAfter one of the breed’s coat colors, symbolizing darkness and beauty.
SageFor a wise cat with a calming presence.
SigmaFor a cat that has a strong impact on its environment.
TashiA name that means “good fortune” in Tibetan.
TauFor a cat that is steadfast and reliable.
TundraFor a cat with a cool and hardy nature.
UlyssesFor an adventurous cat with a strong personality.
UmaMeans “light” in Sanskrit, for a cat that illuminates your life.
UpsilonFor a cat with a unique and distinguished character.
VegaAfter the bright star, for a cat with a shining personality.
VelvetFor a cat with a soft, luxurious coat.
WillowFor a cat that is graceful and flexible.
WispFor a cat with a delicate and light presence.
XantheMeans “golden” or “yellow,” suitable for cats with golden eyes.
XenaFor a cat with a warrior spirit.
YaraMeaning “small butterfly,” perfect for a delicate cat.
YoshiMeans “good luck,” perfect for a fortunate cat.
ZenFor a cat with a calm and balanced demeanor.
ZephyrFor a cat that is light and fast.

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