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creative candy inspired cat names

Choosing the perfect name for your cat can be as delightful as unwrapping your favorite candy. For those who adore both sweets and felines, why not combine these passions?

In this article, we present a delightful array of 101 candy-themed cat names. Each name is inspired by popular candies, chocolates, and sweet treats, ensuring your furry friend has a moniker as sweet as their personality.

From classic chocolates to tangy treats, our list offers a diverse range of names, each accompanied by its meaning and candy inspiration. Whether you prefer something classic, exotic, or whimsically charming, you’re sure to find the perfect sugary nickname for your beloved cat.

So, let’s chomp into this sweet selection and find a name that’s as unique as your feline friend!

AeroNamed after the bubbly chocolate bar
Almond JoyAfter the nutty, coconut chocolate bar
AniseNamed after the licorice-flavored spice
AtomicInspired by Atomic Fireballs candy
BabyRuthAfter the chocolate and nut bar
BazookaNamed for the bubble gum brand
BeanFor Jelly Beans
Big RedAfter the cinnamon-flavored gum
BonbonFrench for “candy”
BountyAfter the coconut chocolate bar
BubblegumNamed for the sweet, chewy treat
ButterfingerAfter the crunchy, peanut butter candy
ButterscotchFor the sweet, buttery candy
CadburyNamed after the famous chocolate brand
CaramelAfter the soft, chewy candy
CharmsNamed for Charms Blow Pops
CherryFor Cherry-flavored candies
ChicoAfter Chiclets gum
ChocShort for Chocolate
CinnamonNamed after the spice often in candy
ClarkAfter the peanut butter crunch bar
CocoaNamed after chocolate’s main ingredient
CoconutFor coconut-flavored treats
CottonShort for Cotton Candy
CrunchAfter the chocolate and crisped rice bar
CupcakeFor the sweet, small cake
DaimAfter the crunchy caramel candy
DollyInspired by Dolly Mixtures
DoveNamed after the chocolate brand
FizzFor fizzy candies
FlakeAfter the crumbly chocolate bar
FlossShort for Candy Floss (Cotton Candy)
FudgeNamed for the soft, rich candy
GobstopperAfter the long-lasting candy
GodivaNamed after the luxury chocolate brand
GumdropNamed for the jelly candy
HeathAfter the toffee bar
HersheyNamed after the famous chocolate brand
HoneyFor the sweet, natural treat
Hot TamaleAfter the cinnamon candy
JellybeanFor the colorful, bean-shaped candy
JollyInspired by Jolly Ranchers
JoyShort for Almond Joy
JujuAfter the chewy, fruit-flavored candy
JuniorNamed after Junior Mints
KitKatAfter the chocolate wafer bar
LemonheadAfter the lemon-flavored candy
LicoriceNamed for the chewy, black candy
LollipopAfter the sweet, hard candy on a stick
M&MNamed after the colorful chocolate candy
MalloShort for Marshmallow
MambaAfter the fruit chew candy
MarsNamed after the famous candy bar
MentosAfter the chewy mint candy
MilkyShort for Milky Way bar
MintyFor mint-flavored candies
MochaNamed after the chocolate coffee flavor
NerdsAfter the tiny, crunchy candy
NougatFor the sweet candy filling
NutellaNamed after the hazelnut spread
OrbitAfter the chewing gum brand
OreoNamed after the cookie with a sweet filling
PaydayAfter the caramel and nut bar
PeachesFor peach-flavored candies
PeppermintNamed for the minty candy
PixieInspired by Pixy Stix
PoppyShort for lollipop
PralineFor the nutty, sweet confection
PuddingNamed for the creamy dessert
RazzleAfter Razzles candy
ReeseAfter Reese’s peanut butter cups
RoloNamed for the caramel chocolate candy
SherbetFor the fizzy, sweet powder
SkittlesNamed after the colorful, fruit-flavored candy
SmartieAfter the small, colorful candy
SnickerShort for Snickers bar
SnickersNamed after the popular candy bar
SnickersAfter the popular candy bar
SourFor sour-flavored candies
SpearmintNamed after the minty flavor
SpiceFor spiced-flavored candies
SprinklesNamed for the colorful, sweet toppings
StarburstAfter the fruit chew candy
SugarNamed for the sweet substance
SundaeNamed after the ice cream dessert
SweetieFor a sweet-natured cat
TaffyNamed for the chewy candy
Tic TacAfter the small, minty candy
ToffeeNamed for the crunchy, sweet candy
TruffleFor the rich, chocolate treat
TwixNamed after the chocolate and caramel bar
TwizzlerAfter the twisty, licorice candy
VanillaNamed for the sweet, creamy flavor
WhopperAfter the malted milk ball candy
WonkaInspired by Willy Wonka candies
YorkNamed after York Peppermint Patties
ZagnutAfter the coconut and peanut candy bar
ZeroNamed after the caramel, almond, and nougat bar

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