85 Christmas Cat Names

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christmas themed names for cats

Celebrate the magic and wonder of the holiday season with your feline friend by exploring our list of 85 Christmas cat names. Each name in this festive compilation draws from the rich tapestry of Christmas traditions, symbols, and characters, making them perfect for your beloved pet born during this joyous time or simply to honor the spirit of the season.

From the whimsical “Snowball,” ideal for a fluffy white cat, to the more traditional “Holly,” evoking images of festive decor, these names capture the essence of Christmas in various ways. Whether inspired by the serene beauty of a winter landscape, like “Blizzard” or “Icicle,” the warmth of holiday treats, such as “Gingerbread” or “Cocoa,” or the classic charm of Christmas lore with names like “Rudolph” and “Kringle,” there is a name here to suit every cat’s personality and appearance.

This list promises to offer a heartwarming and delightful name, echoing the joy and cheer of the holiday season, making your cat an even more special part of your Christmas celebrations.

Cat NameSignificance
AngelSymbolizes peace and joy of the Christmas season
BalthazarOne of the Three Wise Men
BelleFrench for “beautiful,” reminiscent of Christmas bells
BlizzardRepresents the winter snow
CandyAfter Christmas candy canes
CarolFor Christmas carols
ChestnutInspired by “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”
ChimneyWhere Santa descends on Christmas Eve
ClausAfter Santa Claus
CometOne of Santa’s reindeer
CookieFor Christmas cookies
CrackerChristmas crackers
CranberryA popular Christmas food
DancerOne of Santa’s reindeer
DasherOne of Santa’s reindeer
DecemberThe month of Christmas
DonnerOne of Santa’s reindeer
EggnogA traditional Christmas drink
ElfSanta’s little helpers
EmmanuelMeaning “God with us,” significant in Christmas stories
EveAfter Christmas Eve
FaithSymbolizes the spiritual aspect of Christmas
FelizSpanish for “happy,” as in “Feliz Navidad”
FiggieAfter figgy pudding, a Christmas dessert
FrostAfter Jack Frost, symbolizing winter
FrostyAfter Frosty the Snowman
GarlandChristmas decoration
GingerbreadFor gingerbread houses and cookies
GlitterSymbolizes Christmas sparkle
GloriaMeaning “glory,” often heard in carols
GoldOne of the gifts of the Magi
GraceSignifies elegance and beauty of the season
GrinchFrom Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
HarmonyRepresents the harmony of holiday season
HollyA traditional Christmas plant
HopeEmbodying the spirit of the season
IcicleRepresents winter and Christmas cold
IvyA plant associated with Christmas
JackAfter Jack Frost
JangleSounds of Christmas bells
JasperA reference to the Magi
JingleFor the sound of Christmas bells
JoyThe happiness of the Christmas season
JumperAfter Christmas jumpers
KringleAnother name for Santa Claus
MerryFor the phrase “Merry Christmas”
MistletoeA plant associated with Christmas traditions
MittensFor the cold winter season
MyrrhOne of the gifts of the Magi
NicholasAfter Saint Nicholas, the inspiration for Santa Claus
NoelFrench for “Christmas”
NorthAfter the North Pole
NutcrackerA traditional Christmas symbol
OlafInspired by the snowman character
PartridgeFrom “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song
PeaceSignifying the peace of the holiday season
PineAfter pine trees, commonly used as Christmas trees
PlumFrom “The Sugar Plum Fairy”
PoinsettiaA traditional Christmas plant
PrancerOne of Santa’s reindeer
PuddingAfter Christmas pudding
RudolphThe most famous of Santa’s reindeer
SaintFor Saint Nicholas
ScroogeFrom Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”
SeraphRefers to an angel, a symbol of Christmas
ShepherdFor the shepherds in the Nativity story
SilverSymbolizing Christmas glitter
SleighSanta’s mode of transportation
SnickerdoodleAfter the popular Christmas cookie
SnowballPerfect for a white cat
SnowbellA combination of snow and bells
SnowflakeUnique like each snowflake
SparkleFor the sparkle of Christmas lights
SpruceAfter the type of Christmas tree
StarRepresents the Christmas Star
SugarFor sweet treats during the holidays
TannenbaumGerman for “fir tree,” associated with Christmas trees
TinselA shiny Christmas decoration
Tiny TimFrom Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”
TwinkleLike the twinkling Christmas lights
VixenOne of Santa’s reindeer
WenceslasAs in “Good King Wenceslas,” a Christmas carol
WinterThe season of Christmas
YuleRefers to the Christmas season
ZuzuFrom “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a Christmas movie

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