101 Chubby Cat Names

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Choosing the perfect name for your chubby feline friend can be a delightful yet daunting task. It’s not just a label, but a reflection of their personality and your affection for them.

To help you in this endearing endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of 101 chubby cat names, each with a unique meaning or inspiration. From food-inspired names like “Biscuit” and “Marshmallow” to playful monikers like “Chubbs” and “Pudge,” this list has something for every plump kitty.

Whether inspired by their cuddly size, love for treats, or just their adorable demeanor, one of these names should be perfect for your furry bundle of joy.

Alfredo“Elf Counsel” and a hearty pasta dish
Ample“Plentiful, Large”
Atlas“Bearer of the Heavens”
BaconInspired by the food
BagelInspired by the food
BalooCharacter from “The Jungle Book”
Bandit“Thief, Outlaw”
Barrel“Large Container”
BearAnimal Name
Beefy“Resembling Beef, Muscular”
Biggie“Large, Big”
BiscuitInspired by the food
Blob“Shapeless Mass”
Blossom“To Bloom”
Blubber“Thick Layer of Fat”
Boomer“Large, Loud”
Boulder“Large Rock”
Bouncer“One Who Bounces”
Bubbles“Circular Pockets of Air”
Bucky“Deer, Cowboy”
BuddhaInspired by the spiritual figure
BuffetInspired by the food service
Butterball“Plump and Round”
Butters“Made from Butter”
CheddarInspired by the cheese
Cheeseball“A Ball of Cheese”
Chewie“To Chew”
ChonkSlang for “Chunky”
Chunk“Thick, Solid Piece”
Chunky“Bulky, Heavy”
CinnamonInspired by the spice
Cloud“Visible Mass of Water Droplets”
Coco“Chocolate Bean”
CookieInspired by the food
CrumpetInspired by the food
CupcakeInspired by the food
Curvy“Having Curves”
CustardInspired by the dessert
Dimple“Small Depression in the Skin”
DoughboyInspired by the Pillsbury mascot
DumplingInspired by the food
Fatty“Plump, Chubby”
Fluffy“Covered with Fluff”
FudgeInspired by the dessert
GarfieldCharacter from “Garfield” comic
GelatoInspired by the Italian dessert
Gordo“Fat” in Spanish
GravyInspired by the food sauce
GumboInspired by the dish
HamInspired by the food
Hefty“Heavy, Weighty”
HerculesMythological Hero
HodorCharacter from “Game of Thrones”
HoneyInspired by the sweet substance
Hunk“Large Piece”
JellybeanInspired by the candy
Jumbo“Very Large”
JupiterLargest planet in the Solar System
Lard“Animal Fat”
LasagnaInspired by the dish
MacaroonInspired by the cookie
MarmaladeInspired by the preserve
MarshmallowInspired by the candy
MeatballInspired by the food
MochiInspired by the Japanese dessert
MuffinInspired by the food
Nugget“Small Lump”
OreoInspired by the cookie
PancakeInspired by the food
Paws“Animal Feet”
PeanutInspired by the nut
Peppy“Lively, Spirited”
PodgeSlang for “Pudgy”
PookieEndearing term
PopcornInspired by the snack
PuddingInspired by the dessert
Pudge“Short and Plump”
Puffy“Swollen, Inflated”
PumpkinInspired by the vegetable
Roly Poly“Short and Plump”
RufflesInspired by the chip
Scooter“Quick, Nimble”
SnickersInspired by the candy
SnorlaxCharacter from Pokémon
Snuggles“To Cuddle, Nestle”
SourdoughInspired by the bread
SpaghettiInspired by the food
Splotch“Irregular Patch”
Sprout“Shoot of a Plant”
SquashInspired by the vegetable
Squishy“Soft and Pliable”
Stout“Bulky in Figure”
SumoInspired by Sumo wrestlers
SundaeInspired by the dessert
Tank“Large Receptacle or Storage”
TaterSlang for “Potato”
TofuInspired by the food
Tubbie“Chubby, Tubby”
TwinkieInspired by the snack cake
Waddle“To Walk with Short Steps and a Swinging Motion”
WafflesInspired by the food
Whopper“Something Exceptionally Large”
Winston“Joy Stone”
YogiInspired by Yogi Bear
ZeusKing of the Greek Gods

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