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As the leaves turn and the air cools, the enchanting season of fall brings with it a palette of warm colors, cozy vibes, and the anticipation of celebration. It’s a time when nature adorns itself in vibrant hues and the world seems wrapped in a blanket of calm.

In this spirit, we’ve curated a list of 101 fall cat names, each reflecting the essence and beauty of this beloved season. From the golden glow of ‘Amber’ to the earthy robustness of ‘Chestnut’, these names are not just tags, but a celebration of the season’s character. They resonate with the warmth of ‘Cinnamon’, the richness of ‘Merlot’, and the playful mischief of ‘Squirrel’. Perfect for your feline friend, these names are imbued with the charm of fall, capturing its unique blend of tranquility and vibrancy.

Whether your cat reminds you of the gentle fall breeze or the cozy comfort of a fireside, our list offers a name for every shade of their personality.

AcornNamed after the nut of the oak tree
AmberFor the warm, golden color of fall leaves
AppleInspired by the fruit of the harvest season
AuburnReflecting the reddish-brown fall colors
AutumnAfter the season itself
BarleyA grain harvested in the fall
BlazeRepresents the fiery colors of autumn
BrandyWarm and comforting, like the drink
BreezyFor the cool, gentle winds of fall
ButternutAfter the fall squash variety
CaramelSweet and golden like the candy
CedarA strong, enduring tree
ChaiSpicy and warm, like the tea
ChestnutA classic fall nut
CiderFor the popular fall drink
CinnamonSpice that’s synonymous with fall
CloveWarm and aromatic, like the spice
CocoaRich and warm, like the drink
CopperFor the reddish-brown metal color
CornucopiaSymbol of abundance in fall
CranberryA tart fall fruit
CrispFor the crisp fall air
CurryWarm and flavorful, like the spice
DuskFor the earlier sunsets of fall
EmberReminiscent of warm, glowing fire
FawnFor the gentle, soft-colored animal
FernA hardy, resilient plant
FigA sweet, dark fruit of fall
FlannelWarm and cozy, like the fabric
ForestAfter the dense woods in fall
FrostFor the first frosts of fall
GalaA type of apple harvested in fall
GarnetA gemstone in fall colors
GingerSpicy and warm, like the root
GoldieFor the golden colors of fall leaves
GourdAfter the fall harvest vegetable
GrainFor the harvest season
GraniteStrong and enduring, like the rock
HazelA warm, light brown color
HeatherA plant that thrives in cooler weather
HickoryA strong tree with fall connotations
HoneySweet and golden, like the substance
HunterFor the hunting season
IvyAn evergreen plant, symbolizing endurance
JackAfter the lanterns at Halloween
JasperA gemstone with earthy tones
JavaWarm and robust, like the coffee
JuniperAn evergreen shrub
KaleA hearty, fall vegetable
KettleWarm and homey, like a tea kettle
LaurelA hardy plant symbolizing victory
LeafFor the falling leaves of autumn
LichenA resilient, fall-hued plant
MaizeAnother name for corn, a fall crop
MapleAfter the tree with vibrant fall colors
MarigoldA flower that blooms in the fall
MerlotDeep red like the wine
MochaFor the warm, chocolatey drink
MossA plant that thrives in cool weather
NutmegA spice associated with fall
OakleyAfter the strong oak tree
OliveA rich, earthy color
OreganoA hearty, aromatic herb
PaprikaA spice with a warm hue
ParsnipA root vegetable harvested in fall
PatchAs in pumpkin patch
PecanA nut that’s harvested in the fall
PepperSpicy and bold, like the spice
PersimmonA sweet, fall fruit
PineAn evergreen tree symbolizing longevity
PlumA deep, rich color and fruit
PumpkinThe quintessential symbol of fall
QuinceA fall fruit used in jams
RadishA crisp, colorful fall vegetable
RaisinDried grapes, reminiscent of fall harvest
RascalPlayful and mischievous
RavenFor the dark, mysterious bird
RedwoodA majestic, enduring tree
ReedA plant that sways in the fall breeze
RosemaryAn aromatic herb that thrives in fall
RowanA tree with bright fall berries
RubyA gemstone with deep, rich red tones
RussetA color and potato harvested in fall
SableDark and luxurious, like the fur
SageA herb representing wisdom
SaffronAn exotic, warmly colored spice
ScarletA vibrant red color
SepiaA warm, brownish tone
SiennaA rich, earthy brown color
SpiceRepresents the flavors of the season
SpruceA resilient evergreen tree
SquirrelActive and playful, like the animal
SterlingValuable and enduring, like the metal
SumacA plant with vibrant fall colors
SunnyBright and cheerful, like the sunshine
TawnyA warm, light brown color
ThistleA resilient, fall-colored plant
TimberStrong and natural, like the wood
TopazA gemstone with autumnal hues
TruffleRare and valuable, like the fungus
TwigSmall and sturdy, like the branch
VelvetSoft and luxurious, like the fabric
WalnutA hardy nut harvested in fall
WheatFor the golden fields of the season
WillowGraceful and flexible, like the tree
YarrowA hardy, fall-blooming plant
ZinniaA bright flower that blooms into fall

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