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Names are a key part of our identity – and this extends to our pets. A cat’s name can reflect its personality, appearance, or its companion-person’s idiosyncrasies.

Here’s a list of 50 gender-neutral cat names, each with a unique etymology and meaning.

In making this list, I did a few hours of research. I explored various cultures, languages, and historical contexts to find names that are not only gender-neutral, but also rich in history and meaning.

Alex: Derived from Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.” A strong, timeless name suitable for a brave cat.

Bailey: Originates from the Old English term for “bailiff.” Ideal for a cat with a commanding presence.

Casey: Of Irish origin, meaning “brave in battle.” Perfect for a courageous and adventurous cat.

Dakota: A Native American name meaning “friendly one.” Suitable for a sociable and affectionate cat.

Ellis: Welsh in origin, derived from Elijah, meaning “Jehovah is God.” A spiritual name for a thoughtful cat.

Frankie: From the Latin Franciscus, meaning “free one.” Great for an independent and spirited cat.

Harper: Originally an Old English surname for someone who plays the harp. A poetic choice for a melodious cat.

Jordan: Hebrew in origin, meaning “to flow down.” Suits a cat with a graceful and calm demeanor.

Kai: In Hawaiian, it means “sea.” Ideal for a cat with a love for adventure or water.

Leslie: Of Scottish origin, meaning “garden of holly.” A nature-inspired name for a cat who loves the outdoors.

Avery: From Old English, meaning “ruler of the elves.” Suitable for a cat with a regal and mysterious demeanor.

Blake: Old English in origin, meaning “dark” or “fair.” A versatile name for any cat.

Cameron: Scottish, meaning “crooked nose.” Symbolic of uniqueness and charm.

Drew: Shortened from Andrew, meaning “strong and manly.” Apt for a strong-willed cat.

Emery: German origin, meaning “brave” and “powerful.” Ideal for a courageous cat.

Finley: Of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “fair warrior.” Perfect for a noble and handsome cat.

Gray: English in origin, referring to the color. A fitting name for a gray-coated cat.

Hadley: Old English, meaning “heather field.” For a cat that loves to explore.

Indigo: After the deep blue dye, suitable for a cat with a mysterious aura.

Jules: Short form of Julian, meaning “youthful.” Perfect for a playful cat.

Kendall: English, meaning “valley of the River Kent.” For a cat that enjoys tranquility.

Lane: English, meaning “a small roadway or path.” Suitable for an adventurous cat.

Morgan: Welsh, meaning “sea-born” or “sea-song.” Ideal for a cat with a love for water or a melodious purr.

Nico: Short form of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.” For a cat that’s a little champion.

Oakley: English, meaning “meadow of oak trees.” A strong and sturdy name.

Parker: Old English, meaning “park keeper.” Great for a cat that loves the outdoors.

Quinn: Irish, meaning “descendant of Conn” (chief leader). For a cat with a commanding presence.

Reese: Welsh, meaning “ardor” or “enthusiasm.” For an energetic and spirited cat.

Sage: English, meaning “wise.” A fitting name for a cat with a contemplative personality.

Taylor: English, originally an occupational name for a tailor. Symbolizes skill and precision.

Uli: Short for Ulrich, German, meaning “prosperity and power.” For a cat with a strong presence.

Vesper: Latin, meaning “evening star.” A mystical name for a cat with a serene nature.

Wren: English, after the small, lively bird. Suitable for an agile and lively cat.

Xen: A name of Greek origin, meaning “foreign voice.” For an exotic and unique cat.
Yael: Hebrew, meaning “to ascend.” Perfect for a cat with a lofty personality.

Zephyr: Greek, meaning “west wind.” Ideal for a cat with a gentle and calm demeanor.

Riley: Of Irish origin, meaning “valiant.” Great for a brave and daring cat.

Skyler: Dutch, meaning “scholar.” Suitable for an intelligent and curious cat.

Devon: English, related to the county of Devon. Perfect for a refined and elegant cat.

Regan: Irish, meaning “little king” or “little ruler.” Ideal for a cat with a regal bearing.

Shiloh: Hebrew, meaning “peaceful.” A serene and calm name.

Payton: English, meaning “fighting man’s estate.” For a cat with a strong and protective nature.

Marley: English, meaning “pleasant wood.” Perfect for a cat who loves the outdoors.

Tatum: English, meaning “cheerful, bringer of joy.” Great for a joyful and lively cat.

Sasha: Russian, meaning “defender of mankind.” Apt for a protective and loyal cat.

Robin: Germanic, meaning “famed, bright, shining.” For a cat with a vibrant personality.

Quincy: French, meaning “estate of the fifth son.” A name with a noble touch.

Phoenix: Greek, meaning “dark red,” symbolizing rebirth and renewal. Ideal for a cat with a resilient spirit.

Lennon: Irish, meaning “dear one.” Perfect for a beloved and cherished cat.

Keegan: Irish, meaning “descendant of the fiery one.” For a cat with a spirited and energetic nature.

I hope this list helps you find the perfect gender-neutral name for your cat, one that resonates with its personality and your own style.

Happy naming!

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