Grumpy Cat Names

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naming a grumpy cat

If you’re looking for quirky names for your grumpy cat, you’ll find a variety of creative options here to match their personality and charm.

Old Man Grumpy Cat Names

For a senior feline, unique names like Crabbypants, Grumpus, or Grouser can be fitting choices.

Drawing inspiration from famous grumpy characters from movies and literature, names like Oscar the Grouch, Miss Havisham, or Archie Bunker can add a touch of nostalgia and character to your cat’s name.

Grumpy Cat Names Inspired by Grumpy Characters

Consider names like Scrooge, Ebenezer, or Eeyore.

For a more creative approach, draw inspiration from music icons such as Grumpy Mercury, Grumpy Dylan, or Grumpy Cobain.

Fun Names Using the Word ‘No’ in Other Languages

You can draw inspiration from the word ‘No’ in various languages to create a distinct name for your feline friend.

For example, you might choose ‘Nyet’ in Russian, ‘Nein’ in German, ‘Nee’ in Dutch, or ‘Non’ in French.

Old Lady Grumpy Cat Names

For female cats, you might consider the names Prissy, Diva, or Princess to highlight their sassy and cantankerous demeanor.

For male cats, unique grumpy cat names like Crankenstein or Captain Crank can playfully capture their surly personality.

Grumpy Cat Names Inspired by TV Characters

Consider names like Red Forman, Al Bundy, Sophia Petrillo, Mr. Burns, or Patty. These characters embody the grumpy traits that your feline friend may display.

Synonyms for “Grumpy”

Here are synonyms for “grumpy”:

  • Irritable
  • Cranky
  • Grouchy
  • Testy
  • Peevish
  • Cross
  • Cantankerous
  • Sour
  • Churlish
  • Petulant
  • Crotchety
  • Curmudgeonly
  • Sullen
  • Gruff
  • Surly
  • Moody
  • Ill-tempered
  • Snappish
  • Crabby
  • Snarly
  • Splenetic
  • Querulous
  • Fretful
  • Ornery
  • Tetchy
  • Dyspeptic
  • Morose
  • Pouty
  • Whiny
  • Bitter

101 Grumpy Cat Names

Here is a list of 101 grumpy cat names, each with its meaning, organized in a table and presented in alphabetical order:

AgathaGood, but grumpy
AlaricRuler of all, yet grumpy
AldenOld and wise, but grumpy
AlfieWise, but easily irritated
AmosCarried by God, but grumpy
AngusOne strength, often grumpy
AnselFollower, but grumpy
ArgusVigilant, but grumpy
AristotleBest purpose, but often irritable
ArloFortified hill, but grumpy
ArnoldEagle power, yet grumpy
AtticusMan of Attica, but grumpy
AugustusGreat, magnificent, but grumpy
AxlFather of peace, yet grumpy
BaldrickBrave ruler, but grumpy
BaldwinBold friend, but grumpy
BarnabasSon of encouragement, still grumpy
BartholomewSon of Talmai, but grumpy
BasilRoyal, kingly, but grumpy
BeauregardBeautiful gaze, but grumpy
BenedictBlessed, but grumpy
BernardBrave as a bear, yet grumpy
BertramBright raven, but grumpy
BorisFighter, but grumpy
BraxtonBrock’s town, but grumpy
BroderickBrother, but grumpy
BrutusHeavy, muscular, but grumpy
ByronBarn for cows, but grumpy
CaesarLong-haired, but grumpy
CalvinBald, but grumpy
CedricBounty, but grumpy
ClarenceBright, clear, but grumpy
ClaudeLame, but grumpy
ClementMerciful, but grumpy
CliffordFord by a cliff, but grumpy
CliveCliff dweller, but grumpy
ConradBold counsel, but grumpy
CorneliusHorn, but grumpy
CurtisCourteous, but grumpy
CyrilLordly, but grumpy
DariusPossessing goodness, but grumpy
DexterRight-handed, skillful, but grumpy
DietrichRuler of the people, but grumpy
DouglasDark stream, but grumpy
DuncanDark warrior, but grumpy
EdgarWealthy spearman, but grumpy
EdmundWealthy protector, but grumpy
EdwinRich friend, but grumpy
EgbertBright edge, but grumpy
ElmerNoble and famous, but grumpy
ErnestSerious, but grumpy
EugeneWell-born, noble, but grumpy
EustaceFruitful, but grumpy
FabianBean grower, but grumpy
FelixHappy, lucky, but grumpy
FerdinandBold voyager, but grumpy
FergusMan of force, but grumpy
FletcherArrow maker, but grumpy
FloydGray-haired, but grumpy
FrancisFrenchman, free man, but grumpy
FranklinFree landholder, but grumpy
FrederickPeaceful ruler, but grumpy
GabrielGod is my strength, but grumpy
GeoffreyPeaceful territory, but grumpy
GeraldRuler with the spear, but grumpy
GilbertBright pledge, but grumpy
GilesYoung goat, but grumpy
GordenSpacious fort, but grumpy
GrahamGravel area, but grumpy
GregoryWatchful, alert, but grumpy
GroverGrove dweller, but grumpy
GuntherBattle warrior, but grumpy
GustavStaff of the Goths, but grumpy
HaroldArmy ruler, but grumpy
HarveyBattle worthy, but grumpy
HectorHolding fast, but grumpy
HerbertBright army, but grumpy
HermanSoldier, warrior, but grumpy
HoraceTimekeeper, but grumpy
HubertBright-hearted, but grumpy
HumphreyPeaceful warrior, but grumpy
IgnatiusFiery, but grumpy
IrvingGreen river, sea friend, but grumpy
JasperTreasurer, but grumpy
JeromeSacred name, but grumpy
JuliusYouthful, downy, but grumpy
LeopoldBrave people, but grumpy
LionelYoung lion, but grumpy
LutherPeople army, but grumpy
MalcolmDevotee of Saint Columba, but grumpy
MarvinSea hill, but grumpy
MauriceDark-skinned, but grumpy
MaximilianGreatest, but grumpy
MelvinGentle lord, but grumpy
MerlinSea fortress, but grumpy
MiltonMill town, but grumpy
MortimerDead sea, but grumpy
MortonTown near the moor, but grumpy
NapoleonLion of the new city, but grumpy
NathanielGift of God, but grumpy
NorbertNorth bright, but grumpy
NormanMan from the north, but grumpy
OliverOlive tree, but grumpy
OrsonBear cub, but grumpy
OswaldDivine power, but grumpy
OtisWealthy, but grumpy
PercivalPierces the valley, but grumpy
PerryPear tree, but grumpy
QuentinFifth, but grumpy
RandolphShield wolf, but grumpy
ReginaldKing’s advisor, but grumpy
ReubenBehold, a son, but grumpy
RodneyIsland clearing, but grumpy
RolandFamous throughout the land, but grumpy
RupertBright fame, but grumpy
SamsonSun child, but grumpy
SeymourMarshy land near the sea, but grumpy
SilasWood, forest, but grumpy
StanleyStone clearing, but grumpy
SylvesterWild, but grumpy
ThaddeusHeart, but grumpy
TheodoreGift of God, but grumpy
UlyssesWrathful, but grumpy
VernonAlder grove, but grumpy
VictorConqueror, but grumpy
VincentConquering, but grumpy
WallaceForeigner, but grumpy
WalterArmy ruler, but grumpy
WarrenGame preserve, but grumpy
WilburBright will, but grumpy
WilliamResolute protector, but grumpy
WinstonJoy stone, but grumpy
XavierNew house, but grumpy
ZacharyGod has remembered, but grumpy
ZephyrWest wind, but grumpy

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