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As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, Halloween approaches, bringing with it a world of imagination. For cat lovers, this enchanting season offers the perfect opportunity to name their feline friends with a touch of spooky charm.

From mystical to eerie, our list of 101 Halloween-inspired cat names weaves together a tapestry of names each bearing unique meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to the mystical allure of “Luna” meaning “moon,” the mischievous spirit of “Loki,” or the classic Halloween symbol of “Pumpkin,” there’s a name for every personality and preference.

These names, steeped in the magic of Halloween, are more than just identifiers. They’re a celebration of the season’s otherworldly spirit, perfect for your mysterious feline companion.

Sure, here’s a table of 101 Halloween-inspired cat names in alphabetical order, along with their meanings:

AbracadabraA magical spell
AddamsInspired by the Addams Family
AmuletA charm often used for protection
AnubisEgyptian god associated with mummification
ApparitionAnother term for a ghost
AutumnThe season of Halloween
BansheeA wailing spirit
BatA nocturnal flying mammal
BeelzebubAnother name for the devil
BeetlejuiceA character from the film “Beetlejuice”
BinxThe cat from “Hocus Pocus”
BlairInspired by “The Blair Witch Project”
BooA term used to scare someone
BroomstickA witch’s mode of transport
CasperThe friendly ghost
ChuckyThe doll from the “Child’s Play” series
CobwebA spider’s creation
CoralineThe character from “Coraline”
CraneInspired by Ichabod Crane
CreakySounds often heard in haunted houses
CreepySomething causing fear or unease
CryptAn underground burial chamber
CthulhuA creature created by H.P. Lovecraft
DamienThe child from “The Omen”
DraculaThe famous vampire
EchoA sound or series of sounds
EdgarInspired by Edgar Allan Poe
ElviraThe Mistress of the Dark
EerieStrange and frightening
FangA long, pointed tooth
FrankensteinThe monster from Mary Shelley’s novel
FreddyThe character from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”
GhoulAn evil spirit or phantom
GoblinA mischievous creature
GorgonA creature from Greek mythology
GrimmInspired by the Brothers Grimm
HadesThe Greek god of the underworld
HallowRelating to saints or holy things
HexA magical spell or curse
IgorThe assistant from Frankenstein
IncantationA series of words said as a magic spell
JackInspired by Jack O’Lantern
JekyllFrom Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
JinxSomething that brings bad luck
KrakenA legendary sea monster
LestatThe vampire from Anne Rice’s novels
LokiThe Norse god known for mischief
LuciferAnother name for the devil
LunaMeaning “moon”
MaleficentThe villain from Sleeping Beauty
MerlinThe wizard from Arthurian legend
MidnightThe middle of the night
MinaA character from “Dracula”
MojoA magic charm or spell
MonsterAn imaginary frightening creature
MorticiaInspired by Morticia Addams
MummyA body preserved by wrapping
NecromancerOne who communicates with the dead
NefariousWicked or criminal
NightshadeA poisonous plant
NosferatuA term for vampire
OctoberThe month of Halloween
OnyxA black gemstone
OuijaA board used to communicate with spirits
PandoraFrom Pandora’s box
PhantomA ghost
PoeInspired by Edgar Allan Poe
PoltergeistA noisy ghost
PumpkinA popular Halloween decoration
RavenA large black bird associated with mystery
ReaperA nickname for the Grim Reaper
RorschachInspired by inkblot tests
SalemThe cat from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”
SamhainAn ancient Celtic festival
SandersonInspired by the Sanderson Sisters from “Hocus Pocus”
ScreamA loud, sharp, piercing sound
ShadowA dark area or shape
ShiverTo shake slightly because of fear
SilhouetteA dark shape seen against a light background
SinisterGiving the impression of evil
SkellingtonFrom Jack Skellington of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
SpecterA ghost
SpellA magical incantation
SpiderAn eight-legged arachnid
SpookyStrange and frightening
StormA violent disturbance in the atmosphere
TarotA deck of cards used for fortune-telling
ThirteenA number often associated with bad luck
ThornA sharp pointed part of a plant
ToilWork hard
TreatSomething given for enjoyment
TwilightThe time after sunset and before dark
UndertakerOne who prepares the dead for burial
VampireA mythical creature that drinks blood
VoodooA religion practiced chiefly in Haiti
WarlockA male witch
WednesdayInspired by Wednesday Addams
WerewolfA human who transforms into a wolf
WillowA tree associated with mysticism
WitchA practitioner of magic
WizardA person who practices magic
WraithA ghostly apparition
ZombieA reanimated corpse

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