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Welcome to the ultimate guide for hip hop-loving cat owners! If you’ve ever dreamed of naming your feline friend after a hip hop icon or term, you’re in the right place.

Our comprehensive list of hip hop-themed cat names will inspire you to find the purrfect name for your pet. From A$AP Paws to Z-Trip Purr, each name in this list is a playful twist on a hip hop artist, term, or cultural reference.

Whether your cat has the attitude of Notorious B.I.G. or the smoothness of Snoop Dogg, you’ll find a name that resonates with both your music taste and your pet’s personality.

So, let’s dive into this exciting blend of hip hop culture and feline fun!

Cat NameInspiration
A$AP PawsInspired by rapper A$AP Rocky
B.I.G. WhiskersNotorious B.I.G., famous rapper
BeatsReferring to musical beats
Biggie PawsAnother nod to Notorious B.I.G.
BlingHip hop jewelry style
Busta RhymesRapper Busta Rhymes
Catty CentPlay on rapper 50 Cent
Clawye WestKanye West, prominent hip hop artist
Coolio CatInspired by rapper Coolio
D.J. ScratchDJing term, scratching records
Diddy PuffInspired by rapper Puff Daddy
Dr. DreFamous rapper and producer
EminemewPlay on rapper Eminem
Feline MinajNicki Minaj, hip hop artist
Fur TupacTupac Shakur, legendary rapper
Ghostface Killa CatGhostface Killah, rapper
Grandmaster FlashInfluential hip hop DJ
HovaNickname for Jay-Z
Ice CubeFamous rapper and actor
J. Cole ClawPlay on rapper J. Cole
Jay-PurrAnother take on Jay-Z
Kendrick LameowKendrick Lamar, rapper
Kitty SmallsBiggie Smalls, rapper
LL Cool JawsLL Cool J, rapper
Lil’ MeowGeneric hip hop prefix “Lil'”
Lil Wayne WhiskerRapper Lil Wayne
Meowgie SmallsAlternative to Biggie Smalls
Mew Chainz2 Chainz, rapper
Mew Tang ClanWu-Tang Clan, hip hop group
MewpacPlay on Tupac
Missy MeowlliotMissy Elliott, hip hop artist
Nas WhiskersRapper Nas
Nipsey PawsleNipsey Hussle, rapper
Notorious C.A.T.Notorious B.I.G.
Old Dirty BastetOld Dirty Bastard, rapper
Paws DaddyAnother take on Puff Daddy
Purrmaster FlashPlay on Grandmaster Flash
PurrmelloDJ Marshmello
Questlove CatQuestlove, musician/DJ
RakimewRakim, influential rapper
Rapper’s DelightSugarhill Gang song
Rick RawsRick Ross, rapper
RZA MeowRZA, rapper and producer
Snoop CattSnoop Dogg, famous rapper
Swizz Beatz PawsSwizz Beatz, hip hop producer
T-PurrT-Pain, rapper and singer
Tabby DReverend Run of Run-D.M.C.
Tailib KweliTalib Kweli, rapper
Trina PawsRapper Trina
Whiska KhalifaWiz Khalifa, rapper
Yarn ZPlay on Jay-Z
Young Thug KittenRapper Young Thug
Z-Trip PurrDJ Z-Trip

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