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Choosing a name for a cat can be a delightful and creative process, especially for literature enthusiasts. This article presents a curated list of 101 literary-inspired cat names, arranged alphabetically for easy reference. Each name is not just a label, but a reflection of a rich literary heritage.

The names are drawn from a wide range of sources, including classic novels, plays, and mythologies. They carry with them distinct connotations and meanings, from wisdom and bravery to mystery and elegance.

Whether inspired by a beloved character, a notable author, or a mythological figure, these names offer a unique way to celebrate both your cat’s personality and your passion for literature. This list aims to provide a meaningful connection between your feline friend and the timeless world of literature.

So here’s the list:

NameSource & Meaning
AlbusInspired by Albus Dumbledore from “Harry Potter”; symbolizes wisdom.
AliceFrom “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”; represents curiosity.
Aslan“The Chronicles of Narnia”; signifies bravery and strength.
AtticusFrom “To Kill a Mockingbird”; connotes wisdom and morality.
Bagheera“The Jungle Book”; embodies mystery and agility.
BalooAlso from “The Jungle Book”; signifies a laid-back attitude.
Banquo“Macbeth” by Shakespeare; represents the mysterious.
BardFrom “The Hobbit”; symbolizes adventure and bravery.
Bartleby“Bartleby, the Scrivener” by Melville; suggests uniqueness.
BastetEgyptian mythology, a cat goddess; signifies grace and power.
Beatrice“Dante’s Divine Comedy”; represents guidance and love.
Behemoth“The Master and Margarita”; embodies boldness and defiance.
Bilbo“The Hobbit”; represents adventure and courage.
BrontëAfter the Brontë sisters; connotes a strong, literary spirit.
Buck“The Call of the Wild”; symbolizes resilience and strength.
ByronAfter Lord Byron, suggesting a romantic and adventurous nature.
Caliban“The Tempest” by Shakespeare; represents the wild aspect.
Caspian“The Chronicles of Narnia”; connotes adventure and exploration.
Cheshire“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”; embodies mystery and wit.
CoralineFrom “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman; represents bravery.
Daisy“The Great Gatsby”; symbolizes beauty and sophistication.
Darcy“Pride and Prejudice”; suggests pride and elegance.
Desdemona“Othello” by Shakespeare; connotes a tragic beauty.
Dobby“Harry Potter” series; represents loyalty and uniqueness.
Dorian“The Picture of Dorian Gray”; symbolizes mystery and charm.
DraculaAfter Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”; signifies mystery and allure.
EdgarAfter Edgar Allan Poe; connotes a mysterious and dark charm.
Eliza“Pygmalion” by G.B. Shaw; represents transformation and grace.
Emma“Emma” by Jane Austen; symbolizes elegance and independence.
Eowyn“The Lord of the Rings”; signifies bravery and nobility.
FalstaffShakespearean character; embodies humor and joviality.
FigaroFrom “Pinocchio”; represents charm and playfulness.
Frodo“The Lord of the Rings”; symbolizes courage and perseverance.
Galadriel“The Lord of the Rings”; signifies wisdom and beauty.
GandalfAlso from “The Lord of the Rings”; embodies wisdom and magic.
Gatsby“The Great Gatsby”; connotes opulence and mystery.
Gollum“The Lord of the Rings”; represents complexity and duality.
GrendelFrom “Beowulf”; symbolizes mystery and strength.
HamletShakespearean character; embodies introspection and complexity.
Hansel“Hansel and Gretel”; signifies adventure and resilience.
Harriet“Harriet the Spy”; represents curiosity and determination.
Heathcliff“Wuthering Heights”; connotes passion and mystery.
HecateGreek mythology; signifies magic and mystery.
HemingwayAfter Ernest Hemingway; embodies a strong and bold character.
Hermione“Harry Potter” series; symbolizes intelligence and bravery.
Hester“The Scarlet Letter”; represents dignity and resilience.
Hobbes“Calvin and Hobbes”; embodies curiosity and playfulness.
Holden“The Catcher in the Rye”; signifies introspection and depth.
HolmesSherlock Holmes; represents intelligence and keen observation.
Huck“Huckleberry Finn”; symbolizes adventure and independence.
Ichabod“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”; connotes mystery and intrigue.
IsoldeFrom Tristan and Isolde; represents tragic beauty and love.
Ivanhoe“Ivanhoe” by Sir Walter Scott; embodies chivalry and honor.
Jekyll“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”; connotes duality and complexity.
JipFrom “David Copperfield”; represents loyalty and playfulness.
JulietShakespearean character; symbolizes romance and beauty.
KafkaAfter Franz Kafka; signifies depth and introspection.
Katniss“The Hunger Games”; embodies bravery and resourcefulness.
KiplingAfter Rudyard Kipling; suggests adventure and storytelling.
LancelotArthurian legend; connotes bravery and romance.
Lestat“The Vampire Chronicles”; embodies charisma and complexity.
Lolita“Lolita” by Nabokov; represents complexity and controversy.
Long John“Treasure Island”; symbolizes adventure and cunning.
Lysander“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”; connotes romance and charm.
MacbethShakespearean character; embodies ambition and complexity.
MarloweAfter Christopher Marlowe; suggests depth and mystery.
Matilda“Matilda” by Roald Dahl; represents intelligence and magic.
Moby“Moby-Dick”; connotes majesty and mystery.
MoriartySherlock Holmes’ adversary; embodies cunning and intelligence.
Mr. Darcy“Pride and Prejudice”; suggests pride and elegance.
Nancy“Oliver Twist”; represents resilience and compassion.
Nemo“Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”; symbolizes adventure.
NeroAfter Nero Wolfe; signifies intelligence and sophistication.
Ophelia“Hamlet” by Shakespeare; connotes beauty and tragedy.
Orlando“Orlando” by Virginia Woolf; represents complexity and depth.
PawsGeneral playful name; embodies curiosity and playfulness.
Pippin“The Lord of the Rings”; symbolizes cheerfulness and bravery.
PoirotAgatha Christie’s detective; represents intelligence and order.
Quasimodo“The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”; embodies uniqueness and depth.
Queequeg“Moby-Dick”; signifies adventure and strength.
Quixote“Don Quixote”; represents idealism and adventure.
Raskolnikov“Crime and Punishment”; connotes depth and complexity.
Ripley“The Talented Mr. Ripley”; symbolizes cunning and charm.
Rochester“Jane Eyre”; represents complexity and passion.
RomeoShakespearean character; embodies romance and tragedy.
Rosalind“As You Like It” by Shakespeare; signifies intelligence and wit.
Salem“The Crucible”; connotes mystery and darkness.
Samwise“The Lord of the Rings”; represents loyalty and courage.
SauronAlso from “The Lord of the Rings”; embodies power and darkness.
Scarlett“Gone with the Wind”; represents passion and strength.
Scout“To Kill a Mockingbird”; symbolizes curiosity and bravery.
Shere Khan“The Jungle Book”; embodies power and majesty.
SherlockSherlock Holmes; represents intelligence and observation.
Smaug“The Hobbit”; signifies power and mystery.
Tinkerbell“Peter Pan”; represents playfulness and mischief.
Titania“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”; embodies beauty and grace.
Tom Sawyer“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”; symbolizes mischief and fun.
Trillian“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”; signifies adventure.
Ulysses“Ulysses” by James Joyce; represents complexity and depth.
Vito“The Godfather”; embodies power and command.
WatsonSherlock Holmes’ companion; represents loyalty and intelligence.
Wuthering“Wuthering Heights”; connotes passion and mystery.
Yorick“Hamlet” by Shakespeare; symbolizes humor and mortality.
ZephyrGod of the West Wind in Greek mythology

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