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Dive into the enchanting world of Middle-earth with our list of Lord of the Rings cat names. This collection, perfect for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s saga, offers a trove of names drawn from the tapestry of characters, places, and artifacts that populate the series.

Each name carries with it the magic of the “Lord of the Rings” universe, making them ideal for your feline companion, be they as noble as “Aragorn,” as wise as “Gandalf,” or as curious as “Pippin.” Whether you’re charmed by the ethereal beauty of “Arwen,” the resilience of “Frodo,” or the bravery of “Legolas,” there’s a name in this list to match the spirit of your cat.

These names not only pay homage to the beloved fantasy epic but also imbue your pet with the characteristics of Middle-earth’s most memorable inhabitants. From the powerful “Sauron” to the loyal “Sam,” and the mischievous “Merry” to the mighty “Thorin,” this compilation promises to provide a name that resonates with the mythical nature of your beloved cat.

AndurilRefers to Aragorn’s sword
AragornThe Ranger who becomes king
ArwenElven princess
BalrogFiery demon from the Mines of Moria
BarlimanKeeper of the Prancing Pony inn
BeornShape-shifter who can turn into a bear
BeregondGondorian soldier
BilboThe hobbit from “The Hobbit”
BofurA member of the dwarf company
BombadilTom Bombadil, a mysterious forest dweller
BoromirSon of Denethor, Gondor’s steward
BrandybuckSurname of Merry, a hobbit
BregoAragorn’s horse
CelebornElven lord, Galadriel’s husband
DenethorSteward of Gondor
DeagolHobbit who found the One Ring first
DernhelmEowyn’s alias in the Battle of Pelennor
DwalinA member of the dwarf company
EcthelionSteward of Gondor from the past
ElanorName of Sam’s daughter
ElendilAncient king and founder of Gondor
ElessarAnother name for Aragorn
EomerRohan’s marshal, later king
EowynShieldmaiden of Rohan
EreborThe Lonely Mountain, dwarves’ homeland
FaramirBoromir’s brother
Farmer MaggotA hobbit farmer
FiliA member of the dwarf company
FrodoThe main hobbit hero
GaladrielElven queen of Lothlorien
GamgeeSurname of Sam, Frodo’s companion
GandalfThe wizard
GimliThe dwarf warrior
GollumCreature obsessed with the One Ring
GrimaWormtongue, advisor to King Theoden
GrishnakhAn Orc from Mordor
GwaihirThe Lord of the Eagles
HaldirElven warrior of Lothlorien
IsildurAncient king who cut the Ring from Sauron
KiliA member of the dwarf company
LegolasThe elven archer
LobeliaHobbit, the Sackville-Bagginses
LurtzAn Uruk-hai leader
MerryHobbit, Frodo’s companion
MithrandirGandalf’s elvish name
MoriaThe dwarven mines
NazgulA Ringwraith
NoriA member of the dwarf company
OinA member of the dwarf company
OriA member of the dwarf company
PalantirThe seeing stones
PippinHobbit, Frodo’s companion
RadagastA wizard, friend of animals
RosieSam Gamgee’s wife
SauronThe main villain
ShadowfaxGandalf’s horse
ShelobGiant spider
ShireThe hobbits’ homeland
SmaugThe dragon
SméagolGollum’s original name
StriderAragorn’s alias
TheodenKing of Rohan
ThorinLeader of the dwarf company
ThranduilElven king, Legolas’ father
TooksSurname of Pippin, a hobbit
TreebeardThe oldest Ent, a giant talking tree
TulkasA Valar, known for his strength
UglukAn Uruk-hai leader
ValinorThe undying lands
VardaQueen of the Valar
WitchkingLeader of the Ringwraiths
WormtongueGrima’s nickname
YavannaA Valar, associated with nature

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