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This article is dedicated to all the Minecraft enthusiasts who share their lives with a feline friend and are seeking the perfect name that reflects their passion for this iconic game.

From the mysterious depths of the End to the bustling villages and serene biomes, Minecraft’s vast universe offers a treasure trove of inspiration. Whether your cat reminds you of a stealthy Enderman, a sprightly Ocelot, or perhaps carries the calm demeanor of a peaceful Mooshroom, our list of Minecraft-inspired cat names is sure to have something that resonates with both you and your furry companion.

So, get ready to embark on a naming adventure that brings a piece of the Minecraft world into your home, creating a special bond between your pet and your favorite game.

101 Minecraft-inspired Cat Names

Here’s a list of 101 Minecraft-inspired cat names, each with its meaning, organized alphabetically.

Each name reflects a unique aspect or element from Minecraft, making them perfect for cat owners who are fans of the game.

AlexNamed after the default female player character in Minecraft
AmberInspired by the warm, glowing torches in Minecraft
AnvilFor a strong, enduring cat, like the anvil used in Minecraft
ArcherAfter the bow-wielding skeletons in Minecraft
AxelA play on ‘axe,’ a tool in Minecraft
BedrockFor a solid, unbreakable pet, like Minecraft’s bedrock
BlazeNamed after the fiery mob in the Nether
BlockyPerfect for a cat with a strong, square build
BlueFor the rare blue orchids found in the game
BoneAfter the bones used to tame wolves in Minecraft
BootsFor a cat as swift as a player with enchanted boots
BricksAfter the brick blocks used for building
BuzzyInspired by Minecraft bees
CactusFor a prickly, independent feline
ChunkFor a cat as important as a chunk in the game
ClayAfter the clay blocks found near water
CoalFor a dark-colored, essential pet like coal
CobbleAfter cobblestone, a basic building block
CreeperFor a sneaky, surprising cat
CrystalAfter the rare crystals found in end cities
DiamondFor a precious and rare feline
DirtFor a cat who loves to dig and play
DuneInspired by the sandy biomes
EnderAfter the mysterious Endermen
FernFor a cat that loves to hide in the greenery
FlintAfter the useful tool-making resource
ForestFor a cat that loves exploring
FrostFor a cat with a cool, calm demeanor
FurnaceFor a warm, comforting pet
GhastAfter the floating, ghost-like mobs
GlowFor a cat with a bright, shining personality
GoldieFor a treasured, golden-colored cat
GolemFor a strong, protective feline
GravelFor a tough, gritty cat
HerobrineA mythical character in Minecraft lore
HoneyInspired by the sweet honey in Minecraft
IglooFor a cat that loves cozy, small spaces
IronFor a strong, dependable pet
JockeyAfter the skeleton jockeys in the game
JungleFor an adventurous, wild cat
KelpieInspired by the underwater kelp in Minecraft
LapisAfter lapis lazuli, a rare blue stone
LavaFor a fiery, spirited cat
LeafFor a cat as essential as leaves to trees
MagmaFor a cat with a fiery personality
MinerFor a cat who loves to explore
MossyFor a cat who loves the outdoors
NetherAfter the game’s hell-like dimension
ObsidianFor a strong, mysterious cat
OcelotAfter the wild cats found in jungles
PawsFor a cat with notable feet
PebbleFor a small, strong cat
PickaxeFor a cat who’s as useful as a pickaxe
PigmanAfter the zombie pigmen in the Nether
PixelFor a cat with a blocky, pixelated look
PrismAfter the prismatic crystals in ocean temples
QuartzFor a cat with a clear, pure look
QuestFor an adventurous, quest-loving cat
RaiderFor a bold, adventurous cat
RedstoneFor a cat who’s as useful as redstone
ReefInspired by the coral reefs in Minecraft
RubyFor a precious, red-colored cat
RuneFor a cat with a mysterious aura
SableFor a dark, sleek cat
SandFor a light-colored, sandy pet
SapphireFor a rare, beautiful blue cat
ShaleFor a strong, layered cat
ShellInspired by the turtles in Minecraft
SilverFor a shiny, precious cat
SkeletonFor a slim, agile cat
SlimeAfter the bouncy, green mobs
SmeltFor a cat who’s as warm as a furnace
SparkFor a cat with a sparkling personality
SpecterFor a mysterious, ghost-like cat
SpiderFor a cat as agile as the spiders in Minecraft
SpiritFor a cat with a lively, energetic spirit
SporeInspired by mushroom spores in the game
SpruceAfter the tall, strong trees in Minecraft
SquidFor a cat who loves water
StoneFor a solid, reliable pet
SugarFor a sweet, lovable cat
TameFor a cat who’s as loyal as a tamed wolf
TerraFor a cat who loves the earth
TundraFor a cat who loves cold, snowy areas
TwigFor a small, slender cat
VelvetFor a soft, luxurious cat
VineFor a cat who loves to climb
WardenAfter the powerful mob in deep dark caves
WhiskerFor a cat with prominent whiskers
WolfieFor a cat as loyal as a wolf in Minecraft
ZephyrFor a cat as swift as the wind
ZombieFor a cat with a persistent spirit

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