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Choosing the perfect name for your furry friend can be a delightful yet daunting task, especially for music lovers and cat enthusiasts alike. To make this process both fun and meaningful, we’ve compiled a unique list of 101 music-themed cat names.

Each name is not only melodious but also carries a special significance, drawing inspiration from various musical terms, genres, instruments, and legendary artists. From classical to contemporary, our list celebrates the diverse world of music, offering a harmonious blend of choices for your feline companion.

Whether you’re a fan of jazz, rock, classical, or pop, you’ll find a name that resonates with your musical taste and perfectly suits your cat’s personality.

Lend an ear to these tuneful names and discover the perfect moniker for your melodious meowster!

AllegroA brisk and lively tempo in music
AriaA solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment
BanjoA stringed musical instrument
BaroqueA period and style of music
BassThe lowest male singing voice or lowest tones in music
BebopA style of jazz
BowieInspired by musician David Bowie
CadenceA sequence of notes or chords at the end of a phrase in music
CalliopeA keyboard instrument with steam-whistles
CappellaSinging without instrumental accompaniment
CelestaA keyboard instrument with a bell-like sound
CelloA bass stringed instrument
ChordA group of notes played together
ClefA symbol used in musical notation
CodaA concluding passage in music
ConcertoA musical composition for a solo instrument accompanied by an orchestra
DizzyInspired by jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie
DjangoAfter jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt
DrummerA person who plays the drums
DukeInspired by jazz musician Duke Ellington
DvorakAfter composer Antonín Dvořák
EllaAfter jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald
EtudeA musical composition designed as an exercise
FiddleA violin, especially used in folk music
FifeA small wind instrument
FugueA compositional technique in classical music
GershwinAfter composer George Gershwin
GuitarA stringed musical instrument
HarmonyThe combination of different musical notes played or sung simultaneously
HendrixInspired by guitarist Jimi Hendrix
IndieShort for independent in music
JaggerAfter rock musician Mick Jagger
JazzA genre of music
JoplinAfter composer Scott Joplin
JulliardAfter the renowned performing arts conservatory
KazooA simple musical instrument
KeenA wailing lament for the dead in Irish and Scottish tradition
KeyboardA musical instrument with keys
LargoA slow tempo in music
LennonAfter musician John Lennon
LyricWords of a song
MadonnaAfter pop artist Madonna
MaestroA distinguished musician or conductor
MajorA scale or key in music
MaracasA pair of rattles used as a percussion instrument
MelodyA sequence of musical notes
MinuetA slow, stately ballroom dance for two
MozartAfter composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
NashAfter musician Graham Nash
NoteA single tone in music
OctaveA series of eight notes occupying the interval between two notes
OperaA dramatic work combining text and musical score
PaigeInspired by guitarist Jimmy Page
PattiAfter rock singer Patti Smith
PianoA musical instrument with keys
PiperOne who plays the pipe or flute
PresleyAfter musician Elvis Presley
QuartetA musical ensemble of four instruments
QuaverA note of eighth-note duration in music
RagaA melodic framework in Indian classical music
RhapsodyAn instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation
RiffA repeated chord progression or refrain in music
RingoAfter drummer Ringo Starr
RockA genre of popular music
RondoA musical form with a recurring leading theme
SambaA Brazilian dance and music genre
SantanaAfter guitarist Carlos Santana
ScaleA series of musical notes in ascending or descending order
ScherzoA light or playful part of a symphony or sonata
SelenaAfter singer Selena Quintanilla
SibeliusAfter composer Jean Sibelius
SinatraAfter singer Frank Sinatra
SoloA piece or section for one performer
SonataA composition for one or more solo instruments
SongA short musical composition with lyrics
SonnetA poetic form often used in song lyrics
SopranoThe highest female singing voice
SymphonyA lengthy piece of music for full orchestra
TangoA ballroom dance of Latin-American origin
TempoThe speed at which a passage of music is played
TenorA singing voice between baritone and alto
TheloniousAfter jazz pianist Thelonious Monk
TrebleThe highest range of sounds
TriadA set of three notes
UkeleleA small, guitar-like instrument
VivaldiAfter composer Antonio Vivaldi
WagnerAfter composer Richard Wagner
YokoAfter artist and musician Yoko Ono
ZeppelinInspired by the rock band Led Zeppelin
ZitherA musical instrument with strings

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