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Here’s a collection of cat names, along with their meanings, inspired by 10 of the great mythologies of the world. Each list is arranged alphabetically.

Aztec Myth Cat Names

Atl“Water” in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs.
CipactliA sea monster from Aztec mythology.
Coatlicue“The one with the skirt of serpents,” a major deity.
Cuauhtli“Eagle,” a symbol of strength and bravery.
EhecatlGod of wind.
HuitzilShort for Huitzilopochtli, the god of war and sun.
Itotia“Dance,” a name reflecting joy and movement.
Ixtli“Face,” representing personality and identity.
MalinalA name derived from Malinalxochitl, a magical sorceress.
Meztli“Moon,” a celestial body revered by the Aztecs.
MictlanThe underworld in Aztec mythology.
NahualliA spirit animal or shape-shifter.
Ocelotl“Jaguar,” a powerful and revered animal.
QuetzalShort for Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent deity.
TecciztecatlA lunar deity, representing the moon.
Tepoztli“Iron,” symbolizing strength and resilience.
TezcatlipocaA central deity, associated with many things, including night.
Tlalli“Earth,” a name representing groundedness.
TlalocGod of rain and water.
Toci“Our grandmother,” a deity related to healing.
TonatiuhSun god, associated with eagles and warriors.
Xipil“Noble one,” a name signifying elegance and prestige.
Xochitl“Flower,” a name representing beauty and nature.
XolotlGod associated with lightning and death.
Yolotli“Heart,” symbolizing life and passion.

Celtic Myth Cat Names

AeronDerived from a Celtic goddess of battle and slaughter.
AineNamed after the goddess of summer, wealth, and sovereignty.
BalorInspired by a giant with a destructive eye in mythology.
BranMeans “raven,” associated with the god Bran the Blessed.
CianNamed after a mythological hero, meaning “ancient” or “enduring.”
DanuThe name of the mother goddess in Irish mythology.
EireThe Gaelic name for Ireland, representing abundance and prosperity.
FionnInspired by Fionn mac Cumhaill, a legendary hero.
GrainneNamed after the goddess of grain and harvest.
LirFrom the sea god, Manannan mac Lir.
MachaNamed after the goddess associated with war, horses, and sovereignty.
MaeveInspired by Queen Maeve, a figure of intense passion.
MorriganAfter the goddess of fate and death.
NiamhNamed after a goddess who represents beauty and brightness.
OisinFrom a legendary poet and warrior in Irish folklore.
PuckA mischievous nature spirit in Celtic folklore.
RhiannonNamed after a goddess associated with horses and enchanting birds.
ScathachAfter a legendary Scottish warrior woman and martial artist.
TaliesinFrom the name of a famous bard in Welsh mythology.
TaranisInspired by the god of thunder.
UisneachNamed after an ancient site of Irish myth and legend.
VelesA name from Slavic mythology, adapted into Celtic, representing earth, waters, and the underworld.
WynneMeans “fair” or “pure,” a name of gentle and benevolent nature.
YewAfter the sacred tree known for its association with death and rebirth in Celtic cultures.
ZephyrA name inspired by the west wind, symbolizing change and transition.

Chinese Myth Cat Names

Baihu“White Tiger,” one of the Four Symbols in Chinese constellations.
BiānNamed after Bian Que, a legendary physician.
Chang’eThe moon goddess.
ChīyouA mythical war god with a bronze head and iron forehead.
DijunA god from the myth of the Ten Suns.
FenghuangThe mythological bird symbolizing grace and virtue.
GuǐA term for “ghost” in Chinese, suitable for a mysterious cat.
Huli JingA mythical nine-tailed fox.
Jiutou“Nine-headed,” a creature from mythology.
Kua FuA giant who chased the sun, from Chinese folklore.
Lei GongThe God of Thunder.
LongmaA fabled horse-dragon creature.
Lu BanA famous Chinese mythological inventor.
NezhaA protection deity known for his power and courage.
PanguThe giant who separated the sky from the earth.
Qi LinA mythical hooved chimerical creature.
ShennongThe Divine Farmer, an ancient Chinese deity.
TaiyangMeaning “sun,” after the sun deity.
TianlongA celestial dragon in Chinese folklore.
WukongNamed after Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.
XiwangmuQueen Mother of the West, a key figure in mythology.
YandiThe Flame Emperor, a culture hero and mythical sage.
YinglongA winged dragon in Chinese mythology.
YujiangThe Dragon King of the Rain.
ZhenwuA deity associated with martial arts and protection.

Egyptian Myth Cat Names

AmunNamed after Amun, the king of the gods.
AnubisAfter the god of mummification and the afterlife, often depicted with a canine head.
AtenThe disk of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology, worshipped as a deity.
BastetThe goddess of home, fertility, and cats.
GebThe god of the earth.
HathorA goddess who personified love, beauty, and music.
HorusThe falcon-headed god, symbolizing kingship and the sky.
IsisThe goddess of magic and motherhood.
KekThe god of darkness and chaos.
KhnumThe god who created mankind on his potter’s wheel.
Ma’atThe goddess of truth, balance, and order.
MafdetThe goddess who protected against snakes and scorpions, often depicted with a feline head.
MenhitA war goddess, often depicted as a lioness.
MeretsegerA goddess of silence, peace, and clemency.
NefertumThe god of the lotus blossom.
NeithThe goddess of war and hunting.
NutThe goddess of the sky and heavens.
OsirisThe god of the afterlife, death, and resurrection.
PtahThe creator god and patron of craftsmen.
RaThe sun god, one of the most important deities.
SekhmetA warrior goddess and goddess of healing, depicted as a lioness.
SelketThe goddess of magic and healing venomous stings and bites.
SobekThe crocodile god, representing strength and power.
ThothThe god of writing, magic, and wisdom.
WadjetThe cobra goddess, protector of the pharaohs.

Greek Myth Cat Names

AdonisGod of beauty and desire
AeolusKeeper of the winds
ApolloGod of the sun, music, and art
AresGod of war
ArtemisGoddess of the hunt and wilderness
AthenaGoddess of wisdom and warfare
AtlasTitan who held up the celestial heavens
CalliopeMuse of epic poetry
CirceSorceress known for transforming men into animals
DemeterGoddess of the harvest
DionysusGod of wine and festivity
EosGoddess of the dawn
ErosGod of love
GaiaPersonification of the Earth
HeliosGod of the sun
HeraQueen of the gods
HermesMessenger of the gods
HestiaGoddess of the hearth and home
HypnosGod of sleep
IrisGoddess of the rainbow
NyxGoddess of the night
OrionA giant huntsman
SeleneGoddess of the moon
ThanatosPersonification of death
ZeusKing of the gods

Hindu Myth Cat Names

AdityaReferring to the Sun God
AnantaMeaning ‘endless’, a name of Lord Vishnu
ArjunaA great warrior from the Mahabharata
BhairavaA fierce form of Lord Shiva
BrahmaThe creator God in Hinduism
ChandraThe Moon God
DharmaMeaning ‘duty’, ‘virtue’
GaneshaThe elephant-headed God of wisdom
HanumanThe monkey God known for his strength
IndraThe king of the Gods
JaiMeaning ‘victory’
KaliA fierce form of the Goddess Parvati
LakshmiThe Goddess of wealth and prosperity
ManuThe first man and lawgiver in Hindu mythology
NandiThe bull who serves as Shiva’s mount
OmA sacred sound and spiritual symbol in Hinduism
ParvatiThe Goddess of love, fertility, and devotion
RamaThe hero of the Ramayana
SaraswatiThe Goddess of knowledge and arts
ShaktiThe personification of divine feminine power
TaraA Goddess in Hinduism, meaning ‘star’
UmaAnother name for Goddess Parvati
VayuThe God of wind
VishnuThe preserver God in Hinduism
YamaThe God of death

Japanese Myth Cat Names

AkaneDeep red, like the color in Japanese folklore.
AmaterasuAfter the sun goddess, symbolizing brightness and warmth.
BentenAnother name for Benzaiten, goddess of everything that flows.
ChiyoThousand generations, signifying longevity and wisdom.
FujinNamed after the god of wind.
HachimanGod of war, symbolizing strength and protection.
InariAfter the god of rice, fertility, and foxes.
IzanagiThe male counterpart in the couple that created the Japanese islands.
IzanamiThe female counterpart in the couple that created the Japanese islands.
KaguraSacred Shinto music and dance.
KaitoOcean or sea, representing vastness and mystery.
KaminariThunder, relating to natural elements in folklore.
KitsuneFox, often magical and intelligent in folklore.
MikotoNoble, an honorific often used in mythology.
NamiWave, representing the sea in Japanese culture.
RaidenGod of thunder and lightning.
RyuuDragon, a powerful and revered creature in folklore.
SoraSky, embodying the vastness of the heavens.
SusanooShinto god of the sea and storms.
TatsuDragon, a symbol of strength and wisdom.
TsukuyomiMoon god, representing the beauty and mystery of the night.
UzumeGoddess of dawn and revelry.
YukiSnow, symbolizing purity and tranquility.
YureiSpirit or ghost, connecting to the spiritual realm.
ZephyrA gentle breeze, representing calmness and serenity.

Mayan Myth Cat Names

AhauKing or lord
BalamJaguar, a significant animal in Mayan myth
CabanEarthquake, symbolizing strength
EkStar or celestial body
HunahpuOne of the Hero Twins from the Popol Vuh
IxFeminine prefix, often associated with goddesses
IxchelGoddess of the moon and weaving
K’inSun, a powerful element in Mayan mythology
KukulkanFeathered serpent deity
ManikDeer, symbolizing grace and agility
MulucOffering, signifying value and importance
NaumGod of consciousness and thought
OcDog, a guide for the night, symbolizing loyalty
PakalShield, symbolizing protection
Q’uq’umatzFeathered serpent, similar to Kukulkan
SacnictéWhite flower, symbolizing purity
Tz’ikinBird, representing freedom and perspective
UaxacEight, a number with significant meaning in Mayan culture
VotanEarth god and cultural hero
WayebThe five unlucky days at the end of the solar year
XamanNorth, representing direction and guidance
XibalbaThe underworld in Mayan mythology
YaxGreen or blue, representing freshness
ZacWhite, symbolizing purity and clarity
ZipacnaCreator of mountains and anti-hero in Mayan myth

Norse Myth Cat Names

AsgardNamed after the realm of the gods.
BalderGod known for his beauty and fairness.
BragiGod of poetry and music.
EddaRefers to the collection of Norse myths.
FenrirA monstrous wolf, son of Loki.
FreyaGoddess associated with love, beauty, and cats.
FriggOdin’s wife, goddess of wisdom and foresight.
GarmThe hound that guards Hel’s gate.
HeimdallGuardian of the Bifrost Bridge.
HelGoddess ruling over the realm of the dead.
IdunnGoddess of youth and keeper of the apples of immortality.
JormungandThe world serpent, enemy of Thor.
LokiTrickster god known for his cunning and shape-shifting.
MimirThe wise god whose head Odin consults.
NjordGod of the sea, wind, and fishing.
OdinThe chief god, associated with wisdom, poetry, and war.
RagnarReferring to the legendary hero Ragnar Lothbrok.
SigurdA hero who slayed the dragon Fafnir.
SifGoddess known for her golden hair, Thor’s wife.
SkadiGoddess of winter and hunting.
SleipnirOdin’s eight-legged horse.
ThorGod of thunder and battle, known for his hammer Mjolnir.
TyrGod of war and justice, known for his bravery.
UllrGod of skiing, bow hunting, and winter.
ValkyrieRefers to the choosers of the slain, guiding warriors’ souls.

Roman Myth Cat Names

NameMeaning of the Name
AeneasHero of the Trojan War and ancestor of Romans
AuroraGoddess of dawn
BellonaGoddess of war
CaelusGod of the sky
CardeaGoddess of health and thresholds
DianaGoddess of the hunt and moon
FaunaGoddess of nature and animals
FloraGoddess of flowers and spring
FortunaGoddess of fortune and luck
JanusGod of beginnings, gates, and doorways
JunoQueen of the Gods
JupiterKing of the Gods
LarHousehold spirit
LunaGoddess of the moon
MarsGod of war
MercuryMessenger of the gods, god of commerce and thieves
MinervaGoddess of wisdom and strategic warfare
NeptuneGod of the sea
PaxGoddess of peace
PlutoGod of the underworld
QuirinusGod of war, associated with Romulus
SaturnGod of wealth, agriculture, and time
VenusGoddess of love and beauty
VestaGoddess of the hearth and home
VulcanGod of fire and metalworking

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