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Are you aware that over 35% of cat owners are now choosing unique and culturally significant names for their feline companions?

If you’re seeking a name that goes beyond the ordinary and holds a deeper meaning, delving into the world of Norse cat names could be the perfect solution.

The power of Norse cat names offers a unique opportunity to celebrate both your cat’s individuality and the rich heritage of the Nordic culture. The symbolism of Viking cat names lies in their ability to evoke a sense of power and resilience.

These names not only reflect the fierce and indomitable spirit of Viking warriors but also resonate with the popularity of Norwegian cat names in other countries.

100 Norse Cat Names

Here’s a list of 100 Norse mythology-inspired cat names, each with its meaning, arranged alphabetically:

The list covers a range of names inspired by various aspects of Norse mythology, from gods and creatures to significant objects and concepts, perfect for naming a cat with a touch of mythical charm.

AegirSea king
AlfarinnElf friend
AndhrímnirCook of the gods
AsgardHome of the gods
AskFirst man
AudumlaPrimeval cow
BaldurGod of beauty
BifrostThe rainbow bridge
BragiGod of poetry
DainnWise elk
DellingrPersonification of dawn
DraupnirOdin’s magic ring
EikthyrnirMythical stag
EinherjarWarriors in Valhalla
EirGoddess of healing
ElliPersonification of old age
EmblaFirst woman
FenrirGiant wolf
FjalarA wise dwarf
FjörgynMother of Thor
FjormOne of the rivers in Elivagar
FossegrimWater spirit
FreyaGoddess of love and fertility
FreyrGod of fertility
FriggGoddess of marriage
FullaFrigg’s handmaid
GalarA dwarf
GandalfWand elf
GefjunGoddess of plough
GeriOne of Odin’s wolves
GinnungagapThe primordial void
GjallarLoud sounding
GleipnirThe binding of Fenrir
GlitnirHall of Forseti
GnipahellirCave in Jotunheim
GridrGiantess, mother of Vidar
GullinburstiFreyr’s golden-bristled boar
GulltopprHeimdall’s horse
GunnlodGiantess guarding the mead of poetry
GymirA giant, father of Gerdr
HatiWolf that chases the moon
HeidrunGoat that produces mead in Valhalla
HeimdallGuardian of Bifrost
HelGoddess of the underworld
HermodNorse messenger god
HildisviniFreya’s boar
HlínGoddess of protection
HnossDaughter of Freya
HodBlind god, brother of Baldur
HoenirThe silent god
HraesvelgrGiant in eagle form
HrimfaxiNight’s horse
HuginnOne of Odin’s ravens
HyrrokkinGiantess who launched Baldr’s ship
IdavollPlain in Asgard
IdunKeeper of apples and youth
JarnsaxaLover of Thor
JordPersonification of earth
JormungandrMidgard serpent
KvasirWisest of the Vanir
LaufeyLoki’s mother
LofnGoddess of forbidden love
LokiGod of mischief
MagniSon of Thor
ManiMoon personification
MimirWise god and guardian of knowledge
ModiSon of Thor
MuninnOne of Odin’s ravens
MuspellFire giant
NaglfarShip made of dead men’s nails
NannaWife of Baldr
NariSon of Loki
NarviSon of Loki
NidhoggDragon that gnaws at Yggdrasil’s roots
NjordGod of sea and wind
NornsGoddesses of destiny
OdinChief of the gods
OrvandilA hero mentioned in the Edda
RatatoskrSquirrel running on Yggdrasil
ReginA dwarf
RindrA giantess
SagaGoddess of poetry and history
SifWife of Thor
SigynWife of Loki
SkadiGoddess of winter
SkirnirFreyr’s servant
SkollWolf that chases the sun
SleipnirOdin’s eight-legged horse
SnotraGoddess of wisdom
SolSun personification
SurtrFire giant
SvartalfheimHome of the dwarves
SvefnthornA magical sleep thorn
TanngnjostOne of Thor’s goats
TanngrisnirOne of Thor’s goats
ThorGod of thunder
ThrudDaughter of Thor
TyrGod of war
UllrGod of skiing and hunting
ValhallaHall of the slain
ValkyrieChooser of the slain
VanirA group of gods
VeOne of the first gods
VidarSon of Odin
ViliOne of the first gods
YggdrasilThe world tree
YmirThe first giant

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