101 Old Lady Cat Names

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finding ideal names for elderly female cats

For those who cherish the charm of an old lady cat, this article presents a delightful selection of 101 names, each carrying a touch of nostalgia.

These names are steeped in history and meaning, offering a nod to the past while perfectly suiting your feline companion. From Agatha to Zelda, each name in this list is more than just a moniker; it’s a reflection of timeless grace and beauty.

Whether inspired by classic literature, historical figures, or traditional names that have stood the test of time, these names are carefully chosen to resonate with the distinctive personality of an old lady cat. This list serves as a tribute to those mature felines that bring so much joy and wisdom into our lives.

So without further ado, here’s the list, organized alphabetically:

NameSource / Meaning
AgathaGreek, meaning “good”
AgnesGreek, meaning “pure, holy”
AlbertaGerman, meaning “noble, bright”
AlmaLatin, meaning “nurturing, soul”
AmandaLatin, meaning “worthy of love”
AnastasiaGreek, meaning “resurrection”
AngelaGreek, meaning “angel, messenger”
AnnetteFrench, meaning “favor, grace”
AudreyEnglish, meaning “noble strength”
BarbaraLatin, meaning “foreign, strange”
BeatriceLatin, meaning “she who brings happiness”
BerylGreek, meaning “sea-green jewel”
BessieHebrew, meaning “pledged to God”
BethanyHebrew, meaning “house of figs”
BlancheFrench, meaning “white”
BonnieScottish, meaning “pretty, good”
CamilleLatin, meaning “helper to the priest”
CarolineGerman, meaning “free man”
CassandraGreek, meaning “shining upon man”
CeciliaLatin, meaning “blind”
CelesteLatin, meaning “heavenly”
CharlotteFrench, meaning “free man”
ClaraLatin, meaning “clear, bright, famous”
ConstanceLatin, meaning “steadfast”
CoraGreek, meaning “maiden”
CynthiaGreek, meaning “from Mount Kynthos”
DaisyOld English, meaning “day’s eye”
DeborahHebrew, meaning “bee”
DeliaGreek, meaning “from Delos”
DellaGerman, meaning “noble”
DoloresSpanish, meaning “sorrows”
DonnaItalian, meaning “lady”
DorisGreek, meaning “gift”
DorothyGreek, meaning “gift of God”
EdithEnglish, meaning “prosperous in war”
ElaineGreek, meaning “shining light”
EleanorGreek, meaning “bright, shining one”
ElizaHebrew, meaning “pledged to God”
EllaGerman, meaning “all, completely”
EloiseFrench, meaning “healthy, wide”
EmilyLatin, meaning “rival”
EmmaGerman, meaning “universal”
EnidWelsh, meaning “soul, life”
EstherPersian, meaning “star”
EthelOld English, meaning “noble”
EuniceGreek, meaning “good victory”
EvaHebrew, meaning “life”
EvelynEnglish, meaning “wished for child”
FannieLatin, meaning “free”
FloraLatin, meaning “flower”
FlorenceLatin, meaning “blossoming”
FrancesLatin, meaning “free one”
FredaGerman, meaning “peaceful”
GeraldineGerman, meaning “ruler with the spear”
GertrudeGerman, meaning “spear of strength”
GladysWelsh, meaning “land, nation”
GloriaLatin, meaning “glory”
GraceLatin, meaning “grace of God”
GretaGerman, meaning “pearl”
GwendolynWelsh, meaning “white circle”
HarrietGerman, meaning “estate ruler”
HazelOld English, meaning “hazel tree”
HelenGreek, meaning “light, torch, bright”
HenriettaGerman, meaning “home ruler”
HildaGerman, meaning “battle woman”
IdaGerman, meaning “industrious one”
IreneGreek, meaning “peace”
IrisGreek, meaning “rainbow”
IsabellaHebrew, meaning “pledged to God”
IvyOld English, meaning “ivy plant”
JacquelineHebrew, meaning “supplanter”
JaneHebrew, meaning “God is gracious”
JeanHebrew, meaning “God is gracious”
JemimaHebrew, meaning “dove”
JoanHebrew, meaning “God is gracious”
JosephineHebrew, meaning “Jehovah increases”
JudithHebrew, meaning “woman of Judea”
JuliaLatin, meaning “youthful”
KathleenIrish, meaning “pure”
LillianLatin, meaning “lily, flower”
LindaSpanish, meaning “pretty”
LoisGreek, meaning “better”
LorettaItalian, meaning “laurel”
LorraineFrench, meaning “from Lorraine”
LouiseGerman, meaning “famous warrior”
LucilleFrench, meaning “light”
MabelLatin, meaning “lovable”
MargaretGreek, meaning “pearl”
MarjorieFrench, meaning “pearl”
MarthaAramaic, meaning “lady, mistress”
MaryHebrew, meaning “wished-for child”
MatildaGerman, meaning “battle-mighty”
MaudeGerman, meaning “battle-mighty”
MildredEnglish, meaning “gentle strength”
MinnieHebrew, meaning “bitter”
MurielCeltic, meaning “bright sea”
MyrtleGreek, meaning “myrtle plant”
NancyHebrew, meaning “grace”
NaomiHebrew, meaning “pleasantness”
NellieEnglish, diminutive of Eleanor
NoraLatin, meaning “honor”
NormaLatin, meaning “pattern, standard”
OliveEnglish, meaning “olive tree”
OpalSanskrit, meaning “gem, jewel”
PatriciaLatin, meaning “noble”
PaulineLatin, meaning “small, humble”
PearlEnglish, meaning “pearl”
PenelopeGreek, meaning “weaver”
PhyllisGreek, meaning “green bough”
PriscillaLatin, meaning “ancient”
RachelHebrew, meaning “ewe”
RebeccaHebrew, meaning “to tie, bind”
RitaSpanish, diminutive of Margarita
RoseLatin, meaning “rose, a flower”
RubyLatin, meaning “red gemstone”
RuthHebrew, meaning “companion, friend”
SallyHebrew, diminutive of Sarah
SarahHebrew, meaning “princess”
ShirleyOld English, meaning “bright clearing”
SophieGreek, meaning “wisdom”
StellaLatin, meaning “star”
SylviaLatin, meaning “forest”
ThelmaGreek, meaning “will, volition”
UrsulaLatin, meaning “little bear”
VeraRussian, meaning “faith”
VictoriaLatin, meaning “victory”
VioletLatin, meaning “purple”
VivianLatin, meaning “life”
WilmaGerman, diminutive of Wilhelmina
WinifredWelsh, meaning “blessed peacemaking”
YvonneFrench, meaning “yew tree”
ZeldaGerman, diminutive of Griselda

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