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Choosing the perfect name for your feline friend can be a delightful yet daunting task, especially if you’re looking for a name that reflects a certain “wisdom.” In this article, we’ve compiled a unique list of 101 old man cat names, each with a distinctive flair that captures the essence of timeless “character.”

These names are not just ordinary. They carry meanings that might mirror your cat’s personality or physical traits. From “Albert,” meaning noble and bright, to “Zachary,” signifying God has remembered, each name is a nod to the classic and the sophisticated.

Whether your cat has the wise demeanor of an “Edgar” or the playful spirit of a “Felix,” our curated list offers a range of choices that celebrate the venerable aspects of our feline companions.

So here’s the list of 101 old man cat names along with their meanings, organized in alphabetical order:

AlbertNoble, bright
AlfredWise counselor
AlvinNoble friend
ArchieTruly brave
ArnoldStrong as an eagle
AugustusGreat, magnificent
BarneySon of comfort
BartholomewSon of the furrow
BasilRoyal, kingly
BernardBrave as a bear
BertramBright raven
CalvinBald, hairless
CedricBounty pattern
ClarenceClear, bright
ClementMild, merciful
CliffordFord by a cliff
CliveCliff dweller
ConradBold counsel
CyrusSun, lord
DonaldWorld ruler
DouglasDark stream
EdgarWealthy spear
EdmundProsperity, protection
EdwardWealthy guardian
EdwinRich friend
ElbertNoble, bright
EliotJehovah is God
ElmerNoble and famous
ErnestSerious, battle to the death
EugeneWell-born, noble
FelixHappy, fortunate
FerdinandBold voyager
FrancisFrenchman, free man
FrankFree one
FrederickPeaceful ruler
GeoffreyDivine peace
GeorgeFarmer, earth-worker
GeraldRuler with the spear
GilbertBright pledge
GordonGreat hill
GrahamGravelly homestead
GregoryWatchful, alert
HaroldArmy ruler
HarveyBattle worthy
HerbertBright army
HermanArmy man
HowardHigh guardian
HubertBright heart
HughMind, intellect
HumphreyPeaceful warrior
IrvingGreen water, sea friend
IsaacHe will laugh
IvanGod is gracious
JeromeSacred name
JuliusDowny-bearded, youthful
LancelotLand’s servant
LawrenceFrom Laurentum
LeonardBrave lion
LeopoldBold leader
LeslieJoy, holly garden
LesterFrom Leicester
LouisRenowned warrior
LowellLittle wolf
LutherPeople’s army
MalcolmDevotee of Saint Columba
MarvinGreat lord
MauriceDark-skinned, Moorish
MaxwellGreat stream
MelvinCouncil protector
MerlinSea fortress
MervinSea hill
MichaelWho is like God?
MiltonMill town
MortimerStill water
MosesDelivered from the water
MurraySea warrior
NathanielGift of God
NevilleNew village
NormanNorthman, Viking
OliverOlive tree
OrvilleGolden city
OscarFriend of deer
OswaldDivine power
PercyPierce valley
PercivalTo pierce the valley
PhillipLover of horses
RalphWolf counsel
RaymondWise protector
ReginaldPowerful ruler
RichardStrong ruler
RobertBright fame
RodneyHroda’s island
RolandFamous land
RonaldRuler’s counselor
RoscoeDeer forest
RupertBright fame
RussellRed-haired, fox-like
SeymourFrom the village of Saint Maur
SidneyWide island
SilasWood, forest
SimonHe has heard
StanleyStone field
StuartSteward, guardian
TheodoreGift of God
WallaceForeigner, stranger
WalterArmy ruler
WilbertBright will
WilfredDesiring peace
WilliamResolute protector
WinstonJoy stone, town of victory
WoodrowRow of houses by a wood
ZacharyGod has remembered

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