Pirate Cat Names

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pirate themed monikers for cyclopean felines

Here’s a list of 100 pirate cat names along with their meanings, organized alphabetically. It combines traditional pirate terms — with some creative liberties. 😉

Admiral WhiskersA high-ranking naval officer
Ahoy AnnieA greeting, with “Annie”
AnchorA device used to moor a ship
BarbaryRelating to coastal regions
BarnacleMarine creatures found on ship hulls
BeckettA surname common in maritime cultures
BilgeThe lowest part of a ship’s hull
BlackbeardFamous pirate
BlimeyAn exclamation of surprise
BreezyRelating to a light wind
BuccaneerA term for a pirate
Calico JackFamous pirate
CannonA large gun used on ships
Cap’n ClawsA play on “Captain,” with claws
CaravelA type of small sailing ship
CorsairA pirate or privateer
CrossbonesSymbol associated with pirates
Crow’s NestA lookout point on a ship
CutlassA short, curved sword
Davy JonesMythical sea devil
DeckhandA sailor, lower-ranking
DoubloonA Spanish gold coin
DriftwoodWood floating in the sea
FlintlockAn old-fashioned gun mechanism
GalleonA large sailing ship
GangplankA board used as a temporary bridge
GoldieInspired by gold, treasure
GunnerA person who operates a gun
HalyardRope used for raising a sail
HookA curved metal used by pirates
HurricaneA tropical cyclone
IslaSpanish for island
Jack TarA nickname for sailors
JibA type of sail
Jolly RogerA black flag with skull and crossbones
KeelhaulA form of punishment at sea
KnotUnit of speed in nautical terms
KrakenMythical sea monster
LagoonA shallow body of water
LandlubberA person inexperienced at sea
Long JohnA reference to Long John Silver
LookoutOne who keeps watch
MarauderOne who raids
MarinerA sailor
MastVertical pole on a ship
MateyA friend or companion
MobyReference to Moby Dick, the whale
MorganCaptain Henry Morgan, a famous pirate
MulletA type of fish
MutinyRebellion on a ship
NauticalRelated to sailors, ships, or sailing
NavigatorOne who directs the course of a ship
OceanThe vast body of salt water
Old SaltAn experienced sailor
ParleyA conference between opposing sides
ParrotA common pirate’s companion
PeglegA wooden leg
PintelA pin or bolt in nautical contexts
PirateA person who attacks ships at sea
PlankwalkerOne who is forced to walk the plank
PortLeft side of a ship
PortholeA small exterior window on a ship
PrivateerA private person or ship authorized to engage in warfare
QuartermasterAn officer who handles supplies
RaiderOne who raids or pillages
RascalA mischievous person
RiggerOne who works with ship’s rigging
Rogue WaveA large, unexpected ocean wave
RudderA flat piece, steers a ship
RumA beverage favored by pirates
ScallywagA rascal or rogue
SchoonerA type of sailing ship
ScourgeA cause of widespread suffering
SeadogAn old sailor
SharkyInspired by sharks
ShipmateA fellow crew member
ShiverAs in “Shiver me timbers!”
SilverA reference to treasure
SkipperThe captain or master of a ship
SmugglerOne who illegally transports goods
SparrowAfter Captain Jack Sparrow
StarboardRight side of a ship
StormyRelating to storms
SwabbyA sailor, especially a deckhand
SwashbucklerA daring swordsman or adventurer
TackA nautical maneuver
TideThe rise and fall of sea levels
TillerA lever used to steer a ship
TreasureValuable items collected
TritonA Greek god of the sea
TsunamiA long, high sea wave
VanguardThe forefront of an action or movement
VesselA ship or large boat
Wave RiderOne who rides the waves
WindlassA device for moving heavy weights
WreckA destroyed or sunken ship
Yo-HoA call to attract attention

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