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So, you’ve found yourself in the delightful predicament of wanting to have your cat’s name be inspired by Pokémon. It’s a task that requires careful consideration and a touch of creativity.

As you navigate the vast world of Pokémon, you’ll encounter a myriad of cat-like creatures, each with its own distinct personality and characteristics. The challenge lies in finding the perfect names that do justice to their unique qualities.

But fear not, for this article is here to offer you a comprehensive guide to naming your feline Pokemon companions. Prepare to uncover a treasure trove of male, female, cool, funny, and even mythical name ideas that will capture the essence of these extraordinary creatures.

Here’s a list of 100 Pokémon-inspired cat names, arranged alphabetically with their meanings.

AipawInspired by Aipom, playful and agile
AlakazamiaMystical, like Alakazam
ArbokittySly and striking, like Arbok
ArcaninegleMajestic and fiery, like Arcanine
ArticunowCool and majestic, like Articuno
BaltoyballSpirited, like Baltoy
BeedrillenBusy and buzzing, like Beedrill
BellsproutieSprightly, like Bellsprout
BlazikittyFiery, like Blaziken
BulbacharmEndearing, like Bulbasaur
ButterfleeFluttery and light, like Butterfree
CatepieCurious, like Caterpie
CelebimeowMysterious, like Celebi
CharmanderpurrWarm-hearted, like Charmander
ChikoritaCuteCharming, like Chikorita
ClefairypawsMagical and cute, like Clefairy
CuboneclawIndependent, like Cubone
DelcattoGraceful, like Delcatty
DewgongleSerene, like Dewgong
DittofluffAdaptable, like Ditto
DragonitenapDreamy and strong, like Dragonite
DratikittyMysterious, like Dratini
EeveelushVersatile, like Eevee
ElectabuzzpawEnergetic, like Electabuzz
EmpurleonRegal, like Empoleon
EspeownElegant, like Espeon
EveekittyAdorable, like Eevee
FeralicatWild and fierce, like Feraligatr
FlareonflameFiery and warm, like Flareon
FurretreeFluffy and spirited, like Furret
GastlywhiskerMysterious, like Gastly
GlameowglamStylish, like Glameow
GlaceoniceCool and calm, like Glaceon
GloomgroomLaid-back, like Gloom
GrowlithegraceLoyal and brave, like Growlithe
GyaradospurrPowerful and intimidating, like Gyarados
HaunteclawMysterious, like Haunter
HoothootieWise and observant, like Hoothoot
JigglypurrSweet and melodious, like Jigglypuff
JolteonjoltEnergetic, like Jolteon
KabutoclawAncient and mysterious, like Kabuto
KadabrameowIntelligent, like Kadabra
KoffingcozyRelaxed, like Koffing
KrabbyclawFeisty, like Krabby
LaprasloungeGentle and caring, like Lapras
LeafeonleafNature-loving, like Leafeon
LickitongueAffectionate, like Lickitung
LucariotailStrong and loyal, like Lucario
LudicolopounceJoyful, like Ludicolo
LuxiokittyBright and fierce, like Luxio
MachopmunchStrong and energetic, like Machop
MagikarpsplashSpirited, like Magikarp
MagnemitebeamAttractive, like Magnemite
MankeymischiefPlayful and mischievous, like Mankey
MareepmeowSoft and gentle, like Mareep
MeowthcharmClever and charming, like Meowth
MewmewMysterious and rare, like Mew
MiltankmooRobust and nurturing, like Miltank
MudkipmuddleAdorable and quirky, like Mudkip
MunchlaxmunchRelaxed and food-loving, like Munchlax
NinetalesnobleElegant and mystical, like Ninetales
NoctowlnightWise and nocturnal, like Noctowl
OddishleafQuirky and cute, like Oddish
OmanyteoceanAncient and serene, like Omanyte
OnixroarStrong and steadfast, like Onix
ParasproutSmall and spirited, like Paras
PersianpurrGraceful and elegant, like Persian
PikachupounceEnergetic and iconic, like Pikachu
PoliwagwiggleHappy and carefree, like Poliwag
PonytaprancerLively and spirited, like Ponyta
PoochyenaplayPlayful and feisty, like Poochyena
PorygonpixelUnique and digital, like Porygon
PsyduckquackQuirky and unpredictable, like Psyduck
PurrloinpranceSneaky and charming, like Purrloin
RaichubrightBright and energetic, like Raichu
RapidashrunFast and fiery, like Rapidash
RaticatchResourceful and quick, like Rattata
RhyhornrockTough and strong, like Rhyhorn
SandshrewdShrewd and agile, like Sandshrew
ScythercutSwift and sharp, like Scyther
SeelsealPlayful and aquatic, like Seel
ShinxshineBright and lively, like Shinx
SkittyskitterPlayful and cute, like Skitty
SlowpokesleepRelaxed and easy-going, like Slowpoke
SnorlaxsnoreSleepy and gentle, like Snorlax
SpearowswiftQuick and agile, like Spearow
SquirtlestreamFun-loving and aquatic, like Squirtle
StarmieflickerStar-like and radiant, like Starmie
SudowoodostandStrong and steadfast, like Sudowoodo
TaillowtailEnergetic and swift, like Taillow
TentacooltouchCool and collected, like Tentacool
TogepikissCute and cuddly, like Togepi
TotodiletoothPlayful and feisty, like Totodile
TyphlosiontailFiery and explosive, like Typhlosion
UmbreownMysterious and elegant, like Umbreon
VaporeonvaporGraceful and fluid, like Vaporeon
VenonatvelvetSoft and mysterious, like Venonat
VileplumevividBright and vibrant, like Vileplume
VoltorbvoltEnergetic and electrifying, like Voltorb
VulpixvogueStylish and fiery, like Vulpix
WartortlewaveStrong and steady, like Wartortle
WeedleweaveSmall and nimble, like Weedle
WhiscashwhiskerGrounded and relaxed, like Whiscash
ZubatzoomFast and adventurous, like Zubat

This list combines the unique characteristics of various Pokémon with typical cat behaviors and traits, providing a fun and creative way to name your feline friend.

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