101 Pun Cat Names

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Welcome to the whimsical world of feline naming!

If you’re searching for the purrfect name for your new kitty, look no further. Our list of 101 pun cat names is a delightful blend of humor, creativity, and a touch of celebrity flair.

From Alley McBeal to Ziggy Pawdust, each name is a playful twist on familiar figures from pop culture, literature, and history, ingeniously tailored for our feline friends.

Whether you’re a movie buff, a literature enthusiast, or just love a good pun, you’re sure to find a name that resonates with both you and your cat’s unique personality.

So get ready to explore a list that’s not only entertaining but might just have the ideal moniker for your beloved pet.

Cat NameMeaning
Alley McBealPlay on the TV show “Ally McBeal”
Anderson PooperPlay on journalist Anderson Cooper
AngelicatMix of “Angelica” and “Cat”
Apawlo“Apollo” with a cat twist
Cat DamonActor Matt Damon
Cat MiddletonKate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
Cat SajakPat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune
Cat WinsletActress Kate Winslet
Cat-man-doPlay on “Kathmandu,” Nepal’s capital
CatastropheA funny take on the word “catastrophe”
Catalie PortmanActress Natalie Portman
CatapultA play on the siege weapon
Cate BlanchettActress Cate Blanchett
CatillacPlay on “Cadillac” car brand
Catniss EverdeenKatniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games”
CatsanovaFamous lover Giacomo Casanova
Catrick SwayzeActor Patrick Swayze
CatsonovaAnother play on Giacomo Casanova
Caty PerrySinger Katy Perry
Chairman MeowPlay on Mao Zedong, “Chairman Mao”
ClawdiaPlay on the name “Claudia”
CleocatraQueen Cleopatra
David MeowieSinger David Bowie
Demi MeowreActress Demi Moore
Don DrapurrDon Draper from “Mad Men”
Drew PurrmoreActress Drew Barrymore
Elton PawSinger Elton John
EmpurressA play on “Empress”
Feline DionSinger Celine Dion
Fidel CatstroCuban leader Fidel Castro
Fleas WitherspoonActress Reese Witherspoon
Furballina JolieActress Angelina Jolie
FurcedesPlay on “Mercedes” car brand
Fuzz AldrinAstronaut Buzz Aldrin
Gato O’BrienTV host Conan O’Brien
Hairy Potter“Harry Potter,” the famous character
Hiss HemsworthActor Chris Hemsworth
Jeb PurrshFormer governor Jeb Bush
JigglypuffThe Pokémon character
J.K. MeowlingAuthor J.K. Rowling
Joe DiMeowgioBaseball player Joe DiMaggio
Johnny PawsvilleJohnny Knoxville, actor
Jude PawActor Jude Law
Julianne MeowreActress Julianne Moore
Karl BarxPlay on philosopher Karl Marx
Katy PurryAnother play on singer Katy Perry
Kitten SpaceyActor Kevin Spacey
Kitty PurryAnother play on singer Katy Perry
Leonardo DiCatrioActor Leonardo DiCaprio
Lil BubFamous internet cat
Litter BaePlay on “Litter” and “Bae”
LucifurrPlay on the name “Lucifer”
Luke Skywhisker“Luke Skywalker” from Star Wars
Margaret ScratcherPlay on Margaret Thatcher
Maria SharapawvaTennis player Maria Sharapova
Marilyn MonrowActress Marilyn Monroe
Meowcolm XActivist Malcolm X
Meowly CyrusSinger Miley Cyrus
MewliganPlay on “Mulligan” in golf
Miss PawkinsPlay on “Miss Perkins”
Mr. Meowgi“Mr. Miyagi” from “The Karate Kid”
NapawleonNapoleon Bonaparte, French leader
Neil Catrick HarrisActor Neil Patrick Harris
Notorious C.A.T.Play on rapper Notorious B.I.G.
Oprah WhiskerTV host Oprah Winfrey
Orville RedenpawerOrville Redenbacher, popcorn icon
PampurrPlay on “Pamper”
Paw McCartneyMusician Paul McCartney
Paw RevereAmerican patriot Paul Revere
Pawdrey HepburnActress Audrey Hepburn
Pawla AbdulSinger Paula Abdul
PawsomePlay on “Awesome”
Purrnest HemingwayAuthor Ernest Hemingway
PurrtergeistPlay on “Poltergeist”
QuasimodoThe hunchback character
RasputinRussian mystic Grigori Rasputin
Robert Downey, Purr.Actor Robert Downey Jr.
Salvador PawliArtist Salvador Dalí
Samuel L. CatsonActor Samuel L. Jackson
Santa ClawsPlay on “Santa Claus”
ScratchmoorePlay on “Scratch More”
Sean PawdryActor Sean Connery
Selkitty GomezSinger Selena Gomez
Sir Isaac MewtonScientist Sir Isaac Newton
Stephen PawkingScientist Stephen Hawking
Tabbey RoadBeatles album “Abbey Road”
TabbythaPlay on the name “Tabitha”
Tailor SwiftSinger Taylor Swift
The Great Catsby“The Great Gatsby,” the novel
Tiger WoodsGolfer Tiger Woods
Tim PawtonDirector Tim Burton
Tom Pawyer“Tom Sawyer,” the novel character
Vera FangPlay on designer Vera Wang
WhispurrPlay on “Whisper”
William ShakespawPlaywright William Shakespeare
YarnoldPlay on “Arnold”
Ziggy PawdustPlay on David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust”

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