101 Royal Cat Names

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comprehensive guide to royal feline titles

Welcome to our regal collection of 101 royal cat names, a comprehensive guide for pet owners seeking a touch of majesty for their feline friends.

Whether you’re inspired by historical monarchs, enchanted by royal titles, or drawn to the elegance associated with aristocracy, this list promises a perfect fit for your noble companion.

From classic names like Victoria and Arthur to more unique appellations like Zarina and Rurik, each name in our compilation is imbued with the grandeur fitting for a cat of royal bearing.

So, if you’re looking to crown your beloved pet with a name that exudes prestige, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore these majestic names that are sure to add a royal flair to your cat’s presence.

Here’s the list of 101 royal cat names, each with their meanings, arranged alphabetically:

AdelaideNoble nature
AdelbertBright nobility
AlbertNoble and bright
AlexanderDefender of men
AlfredElf counsel
AlphonseNoble and ready
AnselmProtector with a helmet
AntoniusPriceless, inestimable
ArchibaldGenuine, bold
ArthurNoble, courageous
AugustusMajestic, grand
BaldwinBrave friend
BartholomewSon of the furrow
BertrandBright raven
BismarckIron will
BonifaceGood destiny
CasimirDestroyer of peace
CedricBounty, chieftain
CharlesFree man
ChristianFollower of Christ
ClarenceBright, clear
ClaudeLame, limping
ConstantineSteadfast, constant
DamianTo tame, subdue
DariusWealthy, kingly
DesmondFrom South Munster
DominicBelonging to the Lord
DuncanDark warrior
EdgarWealthy spear
EdmundProsperity, protector
EdwardWealthy guardian
EdwinRich in friendship
EgonEdge of a sword
EldridgeSage ruler
ElijahMy God is Yahweh
EmmanuelGod is with us
ErnestSerious, battle to the death
EthelbertNoble and bright
FabianBean grower
FerdinandBrave journey
FrancisFrenchman or free man
FrederickPeaceful ruler
GabrielGod is my strength
GeoffreyPeaceful territory
GeraldRuling spear
GilbertBright pledge
GodfreyGod’s peace
GregoryWatchful, alert
GustavStaff of the Goths
HaroldArmy ruler
HectorHolding fast
HenryHome ruler
HerbertBright army
HermanArmy man
HubertBright heart, mind
HumphreyPeaceful warrior
IgnatiusFiery one
IsidoreGift of Isis
JeffreyDivine peace
JeromeSacred name
JonathanGiven by God
JosephHe will add
JuliusDowny-bearded, youthful
JustinJust, righteous
LambertLand bright
LaurenceFrom Laurentum
LeopoldBrave people
LionelYoung lion
LouisFamous warrior
LucasLight, illumination
LudwigFamous warrior
NathanielGift of God
NicholasVictory of the people
NorbertNorth bright
OliverOlive tree, symbol of peace
OswaldGod’s power
PercivalPierce the valley
PhilipLover of horses
RaffertyProsperity wielder
RaymondWise protector
ReginaldKing’s advisor
RichardStrong ruler
RobertBright fame
RolandFamous throughout the land
RupertBright fame
RurikNoted ruler
SebastianVenerable, revered
SiegfriedVictory, peace
SigismundVictorious protection
TheodoreGift of God
TristanSad, sorrowful
UlrichNoble, heritage
ValentinStrong, healthy
VladimirOf great power
WalterArmy ruler
WilhelmWill, desire; helmet, protection
XavierNew house or bright
ZacharyGod has remembered
ZephyrWest wind

These names blend regal elegance with deep meanings, perfect for a cat with a noble demeanor.

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