101 Scottish Cat Names

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Embrace the rich heritage of Scotland with this diverse list of 101 Scottish cat names. Each name in this collection is imbued with the history, mythology, and natural beauty of Scotland, making them perfect for your feline friend.

From “Alba,” the Gaelic word for Scotland, symbolizing the country’s pride and spirit, to “Bonnie,” reflecting the beauty and charm of the Scottish people and landscape, these names offer a variety of options for every cat’s personality and appearance. Whether inspired by the ruggedness of “Bruce,” named after the famous Scottish king, the tranquility of “Glen,” evoking images of serene valleys, or the uniqueness of “Weir,” reminiscent of the alder tree, there’s a name here to suit every type of feline companion.

This list is ideal for cat owners seeking a name that captures the essence of Scotland’s rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking scenery, offering a touch of Scottish flair and a nod to your cat’s noble nature.

AdairFrom the oak tree ford
AilsaFrom Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet
AlbaGaelic for Scotland
AngusUnique choice, a Scottish region
AnnabelBeautiful, loving
ArchieTrue and bold
ArranAfter the Isle of Arran
ArtairScottish form of Arthur
BairnScottish for child, a cute pick
BalfourFrom the grazing land
BarraAfter the Isle of Barra
BlairFrom the fields
BonniePretty, attractive
BrodieLittle ridge
BruceFamous Scottish king
CaileanYoung dog
CaitirPure, clear
CalumDove, symbol of peace
CamdynWinding valley
ChalmerLord of the household
ClydeRiver in Scotland
CoinneachHandsome, fair
DonaldaWorld ruler
DougalDark stranger
DuncanDark warrior
EachannHorse lord
EilidhLight, sun ray
ElspethScottish form of Elizabeth
EwanBorn of the yew tree
FergusMan of strength
FionaFair, white
FraserOf the forest men
GavinWhite hawk
GilchristChrist’s servant
GordonSpacious fort
GrahamGravelly homestead
GreerWatchful, vigilant
HeatherFlowering plant common in Scotland
IanGod is gracious
InnesFrom the river island
IslaAfter the Isle of Islay
IvorArcher, bow warrior
JockScottish form of Jack
KenzieThe fair one
KesterBearing Christ
KyleNarrow, strait
LachlanFrom the land of the lochs
LairdLord of the land
LassieYoung girl, maiden
LeithRiver in Scotland
LennoxWith many elm trees
LeslieGarden of holly
LyleThe island
MairiBitter, beloved
MalcolmDevotee of Saint Columba
MirrenSea, ocean
MoragGreat, sun
NairneDweller at the alder river
NessaPure, chaste
OlafAncestor’s relic
OranPale green
PaisleyChurch, cemetery
PiperPipe player
RaibeartBright fame
RonaRough island
RoryRed king
RoseFlower, a classic
RossPromontory, headland
RowanLittle red one
SengaAgnes spelled backwards
ShonaGod is gracious
SkyeAfter the Isle of Skye
SorleySummer traveler
TeaguePoet, philosopher
TorquilThor’s cauldron
TrystanRiot, tumult
VailaForeign isle
WallaceForeigner, stranger
WeirAlder tree
WemyssFrom the caves
YuleBorn at Christmas

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