Space Cat Names

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exploring cosmic names for cats

The universe is a vast and captivating source of inspiration, offering a myriad of cosmic monikers that are as unique as your cat’s individual personality.

Whether you’re drawn to the heroic figures of space exploration, the mystique of celestial bodies, or the enchanting world of space-themed entertainment, there’s a perfect space cat name waiting to be discovered.

Celestial Bodies for Cats

You might find the name Jupiter fitting for a majestic and regal cat, while Mercury could suit a quick and agile feline. Neptune might be perfect for a cat with a mysterious and enigmatic personality.

Lunar Inspirations

Moon phase names: Consider names like Luna, Selene, or Phoebe to symbolize the moon’s different phases, adding a mystical and enchanting aura to your space cat’s identity.

Stellar Names

You might find inspiration in names like Orion, Vega, or Sirius, all of which are actual stars in the night sky.

Interplanetary Inspiration

The influence of space exploration on popular culture has given rise to iconic space-related names like Apollo, Armstrong, and Buzz, inspired by the historic moon landings.

The significance of astronomical discoveries in shaping our understanding of the universe is evident in celestial body names such as Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune, representing the vastness and diversity of our solar system.

Moon names for cats, like Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, offer a unique way to connect your feline friend with the astrological and celestial world, adding a touch of cosmic charm to their identity.

Feline Nebula Names

Feline fashion in space can be elevated with names like Helix, Orion, or Pillars, all of which are types of nebulae.

101 Space Cat Names

Here’s a list of 101 space-inspired cat names, along with their meanings, organized alphabetically.

AlbedoReflectivity of a surface, like a planet or a moon
AndromedaA galaxy named after a princess in Greek mythology
AntaresA bright red star in the Scorpius constellation
ApolloNASA’s moon landing mission
AriesA constellation and a zodiac sign
ArmstrongNeil Armstrong, the first person on the moon
AsterShort for Asteroid
AstroRelating to the stars
AuroraNorthern or Southern lights
BellatrixA star in the constellation Orion
BetelgeuseA red supergiant star
Big BangThe theory about the origin of the universe
BinaryA system of two stars orbiting around a common center
Black HoleA region in space where gravity pulls everything in
BuzzBuzz Aldrin, an astronaut
CallistoOne of Jupiter’s moons
CapellaA bright star in the constellation Auriga
CarinaA constellation
CassiniA spacecraft that studied Saturn
CastorA star in the Gemini constellation
CelesteRelating to the sky or universe
CeresA dwarf planet in the asteroid belt
CharonA moon of Pluto
CometA celestial body with a tail
CopernicusA crater on the moon named after the astronomer
CosmosThe universe
CraterA bowl-shaped depression caused by an impact
CygnusA constellation also known as the Swan
DenebA star in the Cygnus constellation
DeimosA moon of Mars
DracoA constellation named after a dragon
EclipseWhen one celestial body moves into another’s shadow
ElaraOne of Jupiter’s moons
ElectraA star in the Pleiades cluster
ErisA dwarf planet
EuropaA moon of Jupiter
FomalhautA star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus
GalaxyA system of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity
GanymedeThe largest moon of Jupiter
GeminiA constellation and a zodiac sign
HadesGreek god, but also a proposed name for Pluto
HalleyA famous comet
HeliosGreek god of the sun
HerculesA constellation
HubbleThe Hubble Space Telescope
HydraA large constellation
IoA volcanic moon of Jupiter
IrisA rainbow goddess, related to atmospheric phenomena
JanusA moon of Saturn
JovianRelating to Jupiter
JunoA spacecraft studying Jupiter
KelperA variation of Kepler, the astronomer
KuiperKuiper Belt, a region of the Solar System
LeoA constellation and a zodiac sign
LibraA constellation and a zodiac sign
LunaLatin for the Moon
LyraA constellation
MarsThe fourth planet from the Sun
MercuryThe closest planet to the Sun
MeteorA streak of light in the sky
MilkyAs in Milky Way, the galaxy we live in
MirandaA moon of Uranus
NebulaA cloud of gas and dust in space
NeptuneThe eighth planet from the Sun
NovaA star showing a sudden increase in brightness
OberonA moon of Uranus
OmegaThe last letter of the Greek alphabet, used in various astronomical contexts
OrionA prominent constellation
PandoraA moon of Saturn
PegasusA constellation
PerseusA constellation
PhoenixA constellation
PictorA constellation
PiscesA constellation and a zodiac sign
PlanetA celestial body orbiting a star
PlutoA dwarf planet
PolarisThe North Star
ProximaThe nearest star to the Sun
PulsarA highly magnetized rotating neutron star
QuasarAn extremely bright celestial object
RheaA moon of Saturn
RocketA vehicle used to travel through space
SagittariusA constellation and a zodiac sign
SaturnThe sixth planet from the Sun
SiriusThe brightest star in the night sky
SolarRelating to the Sun
SpicaA star in the constellation Virgo
StellaLatin for star
SunspotA spot or patch appearing from time to time on the sun’s surface
TaurusA constellation and a zodiac sign
TelstarA series of communications satellites
TitanThe largest moon of Saturn
TritonA moon of Neptune
UniverseAll of space and everything in it
UrsaAs in Ursa Major or Ursa Minor, constellations
VegaA star in the constellation Lyra
VenusThe second planet from the Sun
VestaOne of the largest objects in the asteroid belt
VirgoA constellation and a zodiac sign
VulcanA hypothetical planet, also a god of fire
ZephyrA gentle, mild breeze, often used in space contexts

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