101 Witch Cat Names

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magical cat names guide

Witch-inspired cat names offer a bewitching blend of mystery, folklore, and charm, perfect for your feline familiar.

Drawing from the enchanting world of witches and their rich history in myth and legend, these names are not just whimsical but often carry deep meanings rooted in nature, the cosmos, and ancient lore.

From names that echo the sounds of the forest at night to those that capture the essence of magical herbs and celestial bodies, this article delves into a curated collection of witch-inspired cat names. Each name is carefully selected to embody the spirit of enchantment, providing a magical moniker that perfectly suits your mystical mouser’s aura.

So here’s the list of names, each with its meaning, organized alphabetically:

AgateA gemstone linked with magic
AlchemyMedieval chemistry and magic
AniseHerb used in magic and healing
ArcaneMysterious, known only by a few
AstraOf the stars
AuraA field of subtle energy
BansheeA wailing spirit
BeldamAnother term for witch
BelladonnaA toxic plant used in witchcraft
BlackberryA plant associated with protection
BroomstickClassic witch’s transport
CalypsoNymph with magical powers
CharmA magical spell
CirceA witch from Greek mythology
CloakA garment often worn by witches
CobwebAssociated with Halloween
ConjureTo summon or bring into being
CorvusLatin for raven, a witch’s familiar
CosmosThe universe, often magical
CrescentShape of the growing moon
CrystalA solid material for scrying
CullenAssociated with Twilight series
CursedAfflicted with a hex or spell
DarcyDark one
DivinaDivine, magical
DruidAncient priest known for magic
EclipseWhen the moon covers the sun
ElviraFamous TV witch
EmberSmoldering remains of a fire
EnchantTo attract and delight
ErisGreek goddess of strife and discord
EsbatA meeting of witches
EtherealExtremely delicate and light
EuphoriaA feeling of great happiness
FableA legendary story
FaunaAnimal life, often magical
FelicityHappiness, often in a magical sense
FreyaNorse goddess associated with magic
GaleA very strong wind
GlindaThe good witch in Oz
GossamerSomething very light and delicate
GriffinA mythical creature
GrimoireA book of magic spells
HallowTo honor as holy
HecateGreek goddess of magic
HexA magical spell, usually dark
IncantationA series of words said as a spell
IridescentDisplaying lustrous colors
IvyA plant associated with magic
JasperA gemstone associated with magic
JinxTo bring bad luck
KarmaFate, destiny
LavenderA plant used in witchcraft for peace
LeylineAlignment of land believed magical
LichenA plant associated with witches
MageAnother term for a magician
MagicThe power of apparently influencing events
MerlinThe legendary wizard
MidnightThe middle of the night
MirageAn optical illusion
MysticPerson who practices mysticism
NebulaA cloud of gas and dust in space
NemesisA long-standing rival; an archenemy
NetherLower in position
NocturneA musical composition inspired by night
ObsidianA dark natural glass formed by cooling lava
OracleA person who delivers wise advice
PaganPertaining to religious practices other than mainstream
PhantomA ghost or apparition
PixieA small, mischievous fairy
PotionA liquid with magical properties
ProwessSkill or expertise in an activity
QuasarA massive and extremely remote celestial object, emitting large amounts of energy
RavenBird often associated with witches
ReikiA healing technique based on energy
RuneA letter of an ancient alphabet used in magic
SalemAssociated with witch trials
SamhainA pagan festival marking end of harvest season
ScepterA staff held by rulers during ceremonies, often magical
SeerA person who is supposed to be able to foresee the future
SeleneGreek goddess of the moon
ShadowA dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface
SilvanPertaining to the forest
SorcererA person who claims or is believed to have magic powers
SpecterA ghost
SpellA form of words used as a magical charm
SpiritThe non-physical part of a person
StardustDust consisting of particles in space
TalismanAn object thought to have magical powers
ThicketA dense group of bushes or trees
ThorneA sharp protective spine on a plant
TwilightThe light from the sky between full night and sunrise, or between sunset and full night
UmbraThe fully shaded inner region of a shadow cast by an opaque object
VesperThe evening star, another term for Venus
VortexA whirling mass of fluid or air
WillowA tree often associated with mysticism
WispA small thin or twisted bunch, piece, or amount of something
WitchlingA young witch
XantheGolden, yellow
YewA tree often associated with mourning and folklore
ZephyrA soft gentle breeze

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