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feline fun with yellow names

Choosing the perfect name for your yellow feline friend is an exciting task, filled with creative possibilities. Whether your cat is a bright lemon hue, a soft buttery color, or a deep golden shade, finding a name that captures their essence is important.

In this article, we present a comprehensive list of 101 yellow cat names, each with a unique meaning that reflects the many shades and characteristics of yellow. From names inspired by nature, such as “Marigold” and “Daisy,” to those that evoke a sense of warmth and joy like “Sunny” and “Goldie,” our list offers a diverse range of options.

Whether you’re looking for something classic, quirky, or completely original, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your yellow cat here.

AlaniOrange tree (Hawaiian)
AmberFossilized tree resin, golden color
ApolloGreek god of the sun
ApricotA yellowish-orange fruit
AslanLion (Turkish)
AutumnSeason with yellow leaves
BananaA yellow fruit
BiscuitA light, golden-brown baked food
BlondieLight yellow or golden color
BlossomA flower, often yellow
ButterscotchSweet yellow-brown confection
ButtercupA bright yellow flower
CanaryA yellow bird
CheddarA type of cheese, often yellow
CheeseA yellow dairy product
CheetoA cheesy snack, bright orange-yellow
CitrineYellow variety of quartz
ClementineA type of orange fruit
CornA yellow cereal plant
CreamPale yellow, like cream
CustardA yellow dessert
DaisyA yellow-centered flower
DandelionA yellow weed flower
DijonAs in Dijon mustard, yellow in color
DoritoA yellow corn snack
FantaA brand of orange soda
FlaxenPale yellow color
FlickerA type of yellow bird
FreesiaA bright yellow flower
GialloYellow in Italian
GingerA spice, often a yellowish color
GoldPrecious metal, yellow in color
GoldieDiminutive of gold
HoneySweet, sticky yellow substance
JauneYellow in French
JonquilA type of yellow flower
LemonA sour yellow fruit
LionA large cat, often golden in color
MangoA tropical yellow-orange fruit
MarigoldA golden-yellow flower
MaizeAnother word for corn, yellow color
MimosaA yellow-flowered plant
MustardA spicy yellow sauce
NoodleOften a pale yellow in color
NuggetSmall lump, often of gold
OchreEarthy yellow pigment
OpalA gemstone, sometimes with yellow hue
OrionA constellation, golden stars
PapayaA tropical yellow-orange fruit
PeachesOften a yellowish-orange fruit
PeanutA light brown-yellow legume
PecanA type of nut, light brown-yellow
PennyA copper coin, shiny and golden
PineappleA tropical yellow fruit
PolentaA yellow cornmeal dish
PopcornPopped corn kernels, often yellow
PrimroseA light yellow flower
PumpkinA large orange-yellow fruit
QuinceA yellow fruit
RayAs in a ray of sunshine
SaharaA desert, implying sandy yellows
SaffronA spice, deep yellow color
SandyResembling sand, often yellow-brown
SennaA yellow-flowered plant
SherbetA sweet treat, often orange-yellow
SimbaLion (Swahili)
SolSun in Spanish and Portuguese
SolarRelating to the sun, golden-yellow
SunkistAs in sun-kissed, golden
SunnyBright, cheerful, like the sun
SunrayA ray of sun, golden
SunshineLight from the sun, bright yellow
TawnyA light brown to brownish-orange color
TequilaA Mexican liquor, golden in color
TopazA yellow gemstone
TuscanyA region in Italy, warm yellow hues
VanillaA flavor, pale yellow in color
WheatA grain, golden yellow in color
XanthoYellow in Greek
YarrowA yellow-flowered herb
YolkThe yellow part of an egg
ZafferA type of yellow pigment
ZephyrA soft, gentle breeze
ZiggyShort for Sigmund, often yellow
ZinniaA colorful flower, can be yellow
ZucchiniA vegetable, often yellowish-green

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